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It's never too early to start thinking about business. These programs are designed for young entrepreneurs

The College of Business and the Institute for Entrepreneurship takes a zero-barriers approach to entrepreneurship and believes that business can create a better world. As part of that mission, we work with educators, students, and community members to bring the spirit of entrepreneurship into your middle and high school through support systems, events and programs.

High school students take part in a SPARK business activity


This one-day event is for middle and high school students who are interested in bringing a business idea to life or bringing entrepreneurship and innovation to their school. Students may come solo, as a club, or part of a class. Students will learn and practice: design thinking, entrepreneurship tools, and creative prototyping. Students will also have an opportunity to learn how they can pitch a business or biz-focused idea to the OtterCares to receive money to bring their idea to life.

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A group of high school students take a tour of the Lory Student Center


This online Zoom series, open to middle and high school students and educators, meets monthly to support each other's entrepreneurial ideas. Each session connects you with community leaders, professors, peers, and resources to help turn your ideas into reality.

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Two high school students make a business pitch during Venture Validator

Venture Validator

The Venture Validator is a free, two-week program designed for entrepreneurs ranging from high school students and teachers, to CSU students, to community members. These entrepreneurs meet as a collaborative group twice over every other week to test out their new business concepts. 

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Two high school students work on a Venture Validator project together

Venture Validator Summer Camp

The Summer Camp is a week-long Venture Validator program that lets middle and high school students explore what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Throughout this program, students explore a real-world issue they’ve identified and develop a business idea to address it.

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The students of Global Business Academy pose for a photo outside of Rockwell Hall

Global Business Academy

The Global Business Academy is a 10-day, international program that shows students how they can use business for a better world. GBA promotes skills in international business and leadership while helping students find new ways to apply their business skills to the things that matter most. 

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Three high school students smile as they listen to a summer business program presentation

Take Your School’s Pulse

Running entrepreneurship in schools is tough. That’s why we created a tool to help educators get to the next level. The Pulse Checker is designed to provide a quick and easy analysis of how your school is doing and can implement the best entrepreneurship experiences for your students starting today. Take it on your own or reach out to discuss professional development opportunities.

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Two high school students walk and talk with College of Business faculty members

Educator Professional Development

Is your school looking to bring or enhance your 7th-12th grade entrepreneurship offerings? The Institute for Entrepreneurship works with your school to infuse entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets into any subject, classroom, traditional, or non-traditional setting. Using our Pulse Checker we will work with your school to help you see where you are, where you want to go and then help you develop a plan to make it happen.

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A group of high school students are seated at a table during a class discussion

Venture Rams High

The Rams Venture High Support Program is a support program for 7th-12th grade students and teachers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. The support program also offers Venture Rams High student mentors, free professional development opportunities for teachers, professional mentors to help with class projects and invitations to future Institute for Entrepreneurship events.

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