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The College of Business’s mentoring programs engage you at every step of your academic journey while offering students, alumni and business leaders the opportunity to share experiences and strengthen interpersonal skills. Mentoring programs provide highly personalized one-on-one relationships that leverage individual experiences to provide career guidance, ease the transition to campus life and prepare you for college.


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Professional Mentoring Program

College juniors and seniors connect with seasoned business professionals in this unique program designed to help students gain insights into their goals and explore professional opportunities available after graduation. Software matches mentors and mentees based on career interests and knowledge areas. Through the program, mentees learn professional and life skills they carry into their careers, and mentors use their expertise to guide the next generation of business leaders.

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Peer Mentoring

Adjusting to the academic and social demands of college life can be difficult, particularly for first-generation, diverse and rural students. Peer Mentoring connects first-year students with upperclassmen to develop study habits and help navigate the nuances of freshman year. Mentees benefit from the personal insight from successful students, while mentors develop communication and leadership skills as they smooth the transition for new Rams.

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Contact our team at cob_mentoring_program@mail.colostate.edu.


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Near-Peer Mentoring

Help high school students in diverse, rural settings discover and implement strategies for academic success. Near-peer mentors pair with high school students in Colorado, periodically visiting to build relationships and foster behavior that builds the personal and academic foundations required to succeed in high school and college.

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Contact Tonja Rosales at tonja.rosales@colostate.edu.