Connections that matter, from campus to community

A professional mentor works with College of Business students

Experience is valuable, and the College of Business’ mentoring programs grant students and professionals the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships as they transfer significant life lessons and receive individualized guidance. A student may engage as a mentee at any point in their academic journey, from first-year undergraduate to master candidate, while our pool of mentors draws on current students, alumni and industry leaders who steer Biz Rams to success. 

Student-to-Student Connections

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring 

Many students find the transition to college academics and campus social demands challenging, particularly first-generation students and those from diverse and rural backgrounds. The Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program connects first-year students with student mentors who are in their junior and senior years to nurture study habits and ease entry into campus life.

Professional Connections

Undergraduate Mentoring and Graduate Mentoring 

Our Professional Mentoring programs offer perspectives from the professional world and help undergraduate and graduate business students build a pathway to successful careers through personal guidance, networking and refinement of skills. Serving juniors and seniors as well as graduate students, the programs use an online platform that matches mentor and mentee interests, experience and needs.

Quick Connections

Flash Mentoring 

Undergraduate and graduate students often have questions about an industry, current corporate practices, or simply seek advice about a specific, career-related question. The Flash Mentoring Program leverages technology that matches students based on their needs to industry professionals based on their experience. Mentoring sessions last for up to 60 minutes and address bite-sized questions.

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“I grew to be more confident in myself and my qualifications. I learned how to advocate for myself. I grew because I felt safe and supported by my mentor. I always knew I had someone in my corner fighting for me, this allowed me to not just grow but to bloom.”
Mentoring programs participant