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Infuse entrepreneurship into your school, program, or classroom with our 3-day summer PD

Create Student Entrepreneurs

The Educator Summer PD is an energetic 3-day hands-on professional development program like no other. Hosted by CSU's Colleges of Business Institute for Entrepreneurship, our program teaches educators to infuse entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets into any subject, classroom, traditional, or non-traditional setting. 

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Location:     In-person at the Fort Collins CSU Campus  
Length: 3 days  (20 Certified Contact Hours) 
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Create a Plan to Re-Energize Students  

Graduate students work together

Re-energize yourself and students while learning how to bring real-world entrepreneurial skills into your program, school, classroom, or curriculum.  

Whether you are new to student entrepreneurship or just trying to take what you’ve created to the next level, we have the program for you. This fun, engaging, and meaningful professional development will be 3 days of hands-on, minds-on, and community-engaged activities designed to meet you where you are and then give you a roadmap for future success and implementation. 

  • Day 1: Start by checking the “pulse” of your entrepreneurial programs to help you identify where they are and where you need to go. Next, we will dig deep into methods and systems that can be readily taught to students, or used by students, to help them gain confidence and understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape. 
  • Day 2: Continue to learn methods that can be brought into your program and then apply these methods by helping local small businesses to solve current, past, or future community-based business problems. 
  • Day 3: Examine ways to get students more involved in entrepreneurship and then finish creating a roadmap for your school, classroom, or community-based program so that you can launch an amazing set of experience for students to engage in this fall. 

The program is led by Hope Parker, Manager of K12 Programming and Entrepreneurship Specialist, Mark Schreiber at the Institute for Entrepreneurship. 

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For questions about the training or available scholarships, please reach out to Hope Parker