Complete your AUCC requirements with the College of Business
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Your All-University Core Curriculum courses are a crucial part of your undergraduate experience. These courses introduce you to new methods of thinking and areas of knowledge that can influence how you approach your major. As part of your undergraduate career, you’ll take 31 credits worth of AUCC courses. You have the option of taking two business courses to fulfill those requirements.

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FIN 200 - Personal Finance and Investing – 3 credits

Financial literacy is a critical skill and one that you’ll find useful throughout your working life. Personal Finance and Investing satisfies your quantitative reasoning AUCC requirement. In FIN 200, you’ll learn the fundamentals of personal finance, preparing you to build better budgets, plan for your taxes and investments, while protecting your financial security. Not only that, but this finance class might feel more applicable to your immediate career focus than a math or statistics class.

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BUS 220 - Ethics in Contemporary Organizations – 3 Credits

Ethics in Contemporary Organizations meets your arts and humanities AUCC requirements. As business leaders, employers, and individuals look for new ways to make more conscientious decisions about their work, they’re increasingly looking to ethical reasoning for help. BUS 220 explores the ideas and application of ethical principles in the management of businesses and organizations that value authenticity and integrity.

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Taking BUS 220 is a great investment in your education for a lot of reasons. Not only will you be prepared to make ethical decisions in your professional career, but you’ll also be eligible to participate in the annual Otterbox Ethics Competition. Throughout the competition, you’ll use your decision-making skills to develop unique answers to challenging ethical issues. Alongside your fellow students, you’ll collaborate with mentors from Otterbox for the chance to win one year of in-state tuition.

The only requirement is that you must be a full-time undergraduate student who has passed or is currently enrolled in Ethics in Contemporary Organizations. Don’t miss this opportunity to compete for a year of free tuition and make BUS 220 part of your semester plans.

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Explore the Business Minor

Both BUS 220 and FIN 200 are great introductions to the College of Business, but they’re also a great way to shape your academic career. By taking these courses, you’ll also complete 6 of the 21 required credits for the Business Minor.

The Business Minor is a natural complement to every major that Colorado State University has to offer. These essential skills can help you navigate the job market, make sense of pressing financial information, and help you make business decisions that better the world around you.

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