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Graduate School is an investment in your future, and a graduate assistantship is a way to see a return on that investment sooner. The College of Business offers assistantships to select students in eligible programs.

These assistantships are an honor to hold and applying for an assistantship is a competitive process. Students who show a commitment to the College’s mission and vision, an aptitude for working in academic environments and an interest in being a part of faculty research projects will be offered these positions, and enjoy the benefits that come with them.

A Graduate Assistant's Role

Grad assistant works in office

Graduate assistant Keni Herman, an MBA student, works on marketing and web design projects for the College of Business Institute for Entrepreneurship.

As a graduate support assistant, you’re more than just a student, you’re an academic professional. You’ll work 10 hours per week in one of the departmental units or administrative offices within the College of Business.

Graduate assistantships are available for a 9-month or academic year appointment. 

Potential duties:

  • Conduct research alongside faculty members
  • Aid faculty with grading, posting grades and proctoring exams
  • Facilitate recitation sessions
  • Assist faculty and staff members with administrative functions such as project support, clerical assistance and data management

Benefits of a Graduate Assistantship

  • Gain experience and enhance your research skills in your field of study
  • Make meaningful contributions to your department, the College and the University
  • Half the cost of your base tuition* is paid for (available to resident and non-resident student)
  • One hundred percent of CSU's health insurance premium is paid if you elect to use it**
  • You’ll receive a monthly stipend
  • Acquire administrative experience in the academic setting
  • Enhance your connection with other graduate students
*Does not cover differential tuition or online classes.
**Other criteria apply. Learn more.

Eligible Programs

To be eligible for an assistantship, you must be admitted into one of the following on-campus graduate programs prior to being awarded an assistantship. We evaluate your application for admission into the degree program to review your academic merit.

You must have a course load of at least nine credits per semester to be eligible for and maintain an assistantship. Assistantships are awarded on a semester basis for one academic year only, starting fall semester. Your supervisor will evaluate your performance at the end of the fall semester to determine if your assistantship will be renewed for spring. You also must maintain a 3.0 GPA during each semester to keep your assistantship.

How to Apply

Prospective graduate students interested in an assistantship should submit the online Graduate Assistantship Application.  Students are strongly encouraged to fill out the assistantship application along with their graduate program application, and must be admitted into a graduate program before an assistantship will be awarded.  Applications received prior to February 1 will be given priority.  The final deadline to apply for an assistantship is June 15.

Timeline and Notifications

  • Applications open Oct 5
  • Applications received prior to Feb 1 may be reviewed and awarded early. Following that date, applications are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. Applications must be received prior to July 1. Please contact your program advisor to discuss late applications.
  • Applications are reviewed by program directors starting February 2.
  • Notices to selected students start going out February 10. Following that date, notifications will be delivered continuously until all assistantships are awarded.
  • Notices to non-selected students go out no later than July 15.
Assistantships have a priority deadline of February 1 and a final deadline of June 15.


The CSU Graduate School provides more information about credit and grade requirements, terms and conditions, and current stipend amounts for graduate assistantships. Learn more.

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Alexa Giannoni

“My assistantship immediately gave me the ability to have a strong tie to a faculty member in the College of Business, which allowed me to feel more involved in the culture on campus.”

Alexa Giannoni, student