Strong and effective management is essential to every enterprise. The Department of Management creates leaders and entrepreneurs who contribute to a sustainable and global economy.

Management is a rapidly changing field that’s crucial to our economy. In the Department of Management at CSU's College of Business, our goal is to educate the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future by providing core management skills to help students succeed in contributing to a sustainable and global economy.

See how the Department of Management turns students into excellent managers.

Our faculty members are committed to being the best teachers possible, while participating in the creation of new knowledge to keep our courses fresh, practical, and relevant. Management faculty are widely acknowledged as leaders in research in such areas as entrepreneurship, strategy, innovation, trust, negotiation, teams, diversity and inclusion, supply chain and logistics, human resource management, and strategic leadership. Faculty have published research in many top management journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Venturing, and Organization Science.

We are active contributors and leaders in our professional organizations and serve on top editorial review boards. Faculty members also work with businesses to improve organizational processes and performance. Our research and consulting are translated into a classroom experience that is grounded in a solid body of knowledge as well as being practical and progressive.

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This is an exciting time for our department, as well as an exciting time for any student interested in a major in business administration. Business management is changing dramatically, and our students and faculty are at the forefront of that change. Our programs are constantly being updated, and with several concentrations to choose from, we prepare students for a variety of careers in which they are taught by world-class faculty.

The world is on the cusp of a new economy, an economy filled with possibilities to not only change business, but to change the planet. We are talking about sustainable enterprise, third-world entrepreneurship, profit with a conscience, and business as an arbiter of opportunity for the majority of the world’s population still mired in poverty.

– M. Travis Maynard,
Professor and Chair

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M. Travis Maynard

Advisory Boards

The Department of Management supply chain advisory board guides the strategy and operations of the Supply Chain Forum. Board members focus on growth and opportunities for students and partner companies.


Leading the way to solve complex business problems, our research extends beyond journals and publications. Our faculty include experienced scholars whose work impacts our field and society as well as being widely cited.

Areas we study:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resource management
  • Strategic management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Supply chain management

Featured Faculty

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Academic Programs

The human resource (HR) management concentration helps you develop a wide-range of knowledge of HR management along with the skills necessary for implementing strategic, effective, and legally defensible HR practices in contemporary business organizations.

The organization and innovation management concentration provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of management, along with the skills necessary for effective decision making in a business environment.

This certificate provides future employers evidence of your ability to be innovative and entrepreneurial and gives you the opportunity to investigate entrepreneurship as a career in start-ups and in large innovative firms. You will work together with students from multiple disciplines to understand entrepreneurship’s role in the economy, learn opportunity identification methods, evaluate business opportunities, and network with successful entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Our business management online graduate certificate is designed for professionals with limited business backgrounds seeking industry-level knowledge in fundamental areas of management, marketing, finance and more. Covering a broad base of business topics, this online certificate is ideal for working professionals looking to establish their business career or seek advancement opportunities.

This certificate will develop your leadership knowledge and skills. Through research-grounded courses in organizational leadership, team leadership, and negotiation and conflict management, students will develop competence in leading and have the opportunity to gain experience in leading others. Regardless of concentration, this certificate provides employers a clear signal that you are interested in, and prepared for, earlier career advancement on a leadership track.

The supply chain management concentration helps you develop knowledge of global supply chain management (SCM) along with the skills to implement strategic, efficient, and effective SCM practices in contemporary business enterprises. You will focus on process improvement, strategic sourcing and procurement management, logistics and distribution, and operations management.

Business professionals are increasingly performing human resource functions such as interviewing applicants, training new hires, giving performance feedback, and managing compensation budgets. This certificate will prepare you for those functions and allow you to better market yourself as having a basic understanding of HR principles and practices including employment law, recruitment, selection, training and development, performance management, and compensation.

This certificate offers you the knowledge, process, and technological skills you need in order to operate in a dynamic and changing world, process improvement, and managing resources and relationships with suppliers and customers worldwide. This certificate provides real-world, hands-on learning experiences that will prepare you for decisions required for purchasing, producing, moving, and providing goods and services on a global basis.


The Institute for Entrepreneurship focuses on training entrepreneurs to positively impact the world.

The CSU Supply Chain Management Forum provides partners with the opportunity to interact with CSU supply chain faculty, outstanding supply chain students and other company partners.

Student Involvement

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Entrepreneurship Club – Students learn about the process of starting and running a new business through hands-on activities and guest speakers.

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Entrepreneurship activities – The Venture Accelerator, 3-Day Startup Challenge, and Collegiate Challenge are a few of the programs that provide students training and support for their budding businesses.

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Society for Human Resource Management – Students learn more about the field of human resources and have opportunities to gain HR experience through internships, job shadowing, networking and projects.

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Net Impact – Students learn how to use their career to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world in this international nonprofit organization.

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Association for Operations Management, CSU Supply Chain Management – This organization lets students learn about and network in the business and supply chain management field via events and educational opportunities.

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Supply chain practicums – Students get practical experience working on real supply chain management issues, better preparing them for their careers.

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Internships – Our internship program allows students to blend classroom learning with work experience. Interns develop a better understanding of the industry and create connections that benefit their career path.


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