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Coordinate and deploy goods and services to meet the world’s needs

Supply chain management connects you directly with the resources that keep businesses moving. Customer demands drive much of the world economy, and businesses that can best meet these needs in the most cost- and time-effective manner enjoy the most success. Developing systems and strategies for connecting people with goods, services, and other resources quickly is the core of the supply chain management concentration.

Careers in Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management accounts for the big-picture ideas behind tactical decisions and keeps the full product cycle front and center, from transforming raw materials into finished products and then getting them into people’s hands. There’s always a need for supply chain managers, especially with the continued growth of ecommerce.

At the CSU College of Business, you’ll gain the skills to track and impact every step of the supply chain process in order to increase efficiencies and hit financial targets. Our concentration emphasizes using these skills in a way to help improve the world around you.

What can you do with a concentration in Supply Chain Management?

Angelina Howard
“Starting at CSU, I did not know what I wanted to do and would have never imagined I would have received a job offer at a tech company before graduating.”

– Angelina Howard, ‘14, Product Manager and President of the Black Employee Network at Amazon

Read how Angelina has supported social justice

At the College’s dedicated Career Management Center, you’ll find a team that’s dedicated to your professional success. From getting help building your resume to accepting your first job offer, the careers team will help you prepare for a career that fits you and your interests. Throughout the year, business students have access to hundreds of networking events, professional mentoring opportunities, and career exploration seminars through the CMC.

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Supply Chain Management for a Better World 

Supply chain management touches nearly every aspect of our lives, from the complex logistics networks needed to get groceries into our carts to how medicine is distributed and so much more. 

"Everyone at CSU wants all the other people at CSU to succeed, and I think the sooner that students can figure that out and have that realizations, the better."

— Rachel Powner, 2020 Outstanding Graduate, Read her story

Coursework for the Real World

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By carefully tracking each part and component in a supply chain, and understanding the needs of relevant stakeholders and customers, you can help businesses prepare and respond to market changes, emergencies, and strategic shifts. No matter where you find yourself in the business world, you’ll have a detailed understanding of how goods and services move, and what it means for your organization’s supply chain.

Moving through your undergraduate career, you’ll have the chance to interact and learn with students from other concentrations within the College of Business. You’ll work with faculty who have real-world experience in the supply chain management field, and the business world. It’s this breadth of experiences and courses that will help you confidently enter the field of supply chain management.

You’ll take a variety of courses over your undergraduate career. When you choose the supply chain management concentration, you’ll need to take 24 credits worth of classes that are specific to that field. Additionally, you’ll need to take general education classes as part of the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC), and elective classes as well. You have the option of taking two business courses to fulfill those requirements.

Full Curriculum Details

Engage With Faculty Setting the Standard 

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Faculty and Staff

The faculty who teach your supply chain management classes are committed to equipping you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to find success. They’ll teach you how to leverage these ideas to benefit not just a business, but the community around you. As part of your concentration, you will work with management faculty and benefit from their experience teaching and working in fields like:

  • Supply management – plan and implement sustainable purchasing strategies
  • Logistics and transportation – coordinate efficient and effective distribution of products
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship - usher in new ideas to meet market demand
  • Organizational behavior - explore how individuals lead and interact within groups
“Supply chain, in general, has really hit its stride in the last 10 years.”

—John Macdonald, Associate Professor Supply Chain Management

Join the College of Business

Much like managing a supply chain, choosing an undergraduate program means tracking a variety of factors and weighing your decisions. To find the program that’s the best fit, the College of Business hosts information sessions where you can learn about what it takes to become business major, the first step in shaping your undergraduate experience at Colorado State University. You can also asking questions using the form at the bottom of this page or begin your application.

If you’re already a business major, contact your academic advisor to learn more about the supply chain concentration.

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