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We are in the business of transforming lives. Through business education, scholarly research and community engagement, we make our world a better place.

At Colorado State University's College of Business, we believe business has the power to create meaningful change and solve complex challenges in Colorado and around the globe. Our mission of transforming lives through impactful education engages students, employers, alumni, donors, faculty and staff who believe in the transformative power of business.

Supporting our bold mission is a vision centered on access, excellence, and impact. We are dedicated to building a nationally recognized College of Business that:

  1. Provides access to an exceptional business education.
  2. Pursues excellence in publishing research that contributes to our understanding of business and its role in society.
  3. Leverages the power of business to make the world a better place.

The College of Business's Mission and Vision provide momentum for its strategic planning framework, illuminating its purpose and guiding progress. As we strengthen our operational foundations and empower our workforce, we can achieve our goals through intential and focused action.

Explore our 2025 Strategic Plan

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Photo of Dean Beth Walker

“I am so proud to be furthering our mission of transforming lives through high-quality education that teaches the next generation of business leaders to unite purpose and profit to create a better world.”

- Dean Beth Walker

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Business for a Better World

We believe that uniting purpose and profit has the power to change the way business is done—and, consequently, the power to change the world. Today’s students want to learn at business schools that teach the importance of the triple bottom line—people, planet and profit—and we are committed to uniting those principles in a top-quality business education that gives students a strong ethical foundation while teaching them how to address business’ biggest challenges.

Our overarching goal is to establish the College as a national leader in advancing business in addressing the social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21stcentury through:

National Visibility

Establish the CSU College of Business as a national leader advancing business education to address the social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.


Elevate the quality and impact of our scholarship.

Student Access and Success

Transform the educational experience to enhance learning, champion access and improve students’ opportunities for success.

Student Preparation

Impart students with the values, knowledge and skills to navigate rapidly evolving markets and careers and to address global challenges with sustainable business models and practices.

Community Engagement

Engage and enrich the communities that we serve.

Financial Foundations

Secure financial and operational stability and  strength to sustain programs and fuel the College’s strategic priorities.


Develop and empower a workforce that is purpose-driven, highly valued and diverse.