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Do you have a disciplined approach to learning? Do you have a clear career path in mind? Are you looking to complete your business degree quickly?

If you’re a prospective student with high school AP or IB credits or transfer credits from another higher-education institution, the College of Business’s accelerated degree program could help you graduate faster.

Accelerated Program at the College of Business
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Learn at a pace that’s right for you

Our accelerated 3- to 3 1/2-year program offers the same academic value as our traditional 4-year program, just at a different pace. Not sure which program is right for you? We’ve described the benefits of each degree below so you can see which path best fits your academic and professional goals.

Accelerated Business Degree
(3 – 3 1/2 years)
Traditional Business Degree
(4 years)
  • Flexibility to change your concentration and pursue additional minors and certificates
  • More time to explore internship opportunities and companies
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The accelerated business degree schedule

College of Business Student Daniel Brown

You need a business degree that fits your personal and professional schedule. By following our accelerated degree path, you’ll be able to complete your BSBA by the end of your third spring or summer term. Like the 4-year degree option, you’ll need to complete 120 credits of course work to graduate. You’ll typically take 15-16 credits each fall and spring semester for three years. In addition, you’ll take 6-9 credits each summer over three summer sessions. If you have prior credits (AP, IB, transfer), you may apply them toward your business degree to reach your graduation goals sooner.

Accelerated degree roadmaps by concentration

A business concentration helps you hone your academic interests into professional skills. As part of your accelerated business degree, you can choose from any of the following seven concentrations that the College of Business offers. You can explore the degree completion maps for each concentration below.

Contact us to start your accelerated business degree

If you are new to CSU, please submit your information to our campus admissions team via the “Request Information” link. For current CSU student, please contact your academic advisor for more information.

In addition to an advisor, you should plan to meet with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the options and resources that are available to you. To declare your intent, you’ll complete the Accelerated Programs Agreement provided by your advisor.