Two ways to attend class full-time for two nights each week for 21 months

If your schedule can accomodate attending class in the evening two nights each week, we offer two ways to attend: on campus or online with Mosaic. 

Everyone collaborates. Everyone participates.

Mosaic - Evening MBA Triangle

Evening MBA – On campus in Fort Collins

CSU’s Evening MBA is held on our Fort Collins campus two nights a week. MBA students come from a wide range of industries and the diverse perspectives shared in class enhance your learning experience in the MBA program.

Evening MBA

Online MBA – Mosaic virtual seat in class

Our Mosaic experience accommodates live learning from any location. While attending our full-time, on-campus Evening MBA classes virtually, this live video platform makes it possible to attend remotely while also experiencing the benefits of connecting and networking with professional peers.

Mosaic MBA

New Competencies, More Choice: 60% Core, 40% Electives

The five areas of business that make up the 42 credits of our MBA teach the business skills and practices employers desire most: innovation, financial, leadershipdata analytics and using business for a better world.

The 24 core credits teach how to identify, address and navigate the full organizational impacts of your business decisions within each of the competencies. The remaining 18 credits are electives. You now have more choice in building an MBA that fits your unique professional goals and the new interests you’d like to pursue.

Mastering these five areas will enhance the background and experience you’ve earned in your career and prepare you for what's next.

The 5 Competencies of the MBA Program

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Two-day orientation

You'll learn more about the program in a two-day, on-campus orientation. We will give you a leadership assessment to discover your strengths and provide a demo of Mosaic technology so it is familiar before classes begin. You’ll also network with classmates through cohort connection activities, and meet College staff, faculty and industry leaders through panels and workshops.