Explore how business is used across the globe

CSU’s College of Business offers the International Business Experience to prepare students and alumni to step confidently into global enterprises. The nature of business is constantly changing, and professionals are increasingly working with partners and stakeholders around the world. The International Business Experience is your opportunity to learn and network outside of the classroom.

Each year, we offer business graduate students and alumni two opportunities to travel internationally and regionally with faculty members to learn firsthand about how location and culture influence business. Each experience introduces you to business leaders from around the world and shows you how cultural sensitivity and putting your work in a global context can help you solve pressing challenges, improve your resume and create new opportunities for travel in the future.

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Make Travel Part of Your Masters and MBA Experience

Dean Beth Walker and business students in India

The International Business Experience offers rich experiences everywhere you visit. By day, you’ll enjoy a blend of networking and interacting with local business leaders and esteemed international businesses, while visiting famous attractions and cultural sites. At night, you’ll retire to comfortable accommodations or enjoy the company of fellow business students, faculty and staff over a meal.

These experiences highlight how business is conducted outside of the United States, offering you exclusive access to business leaders, their organizations, and how their companies are structured and connected with their respective communities. 

Enhance Your Learning and Expand Your Network

Traveling on your own opens your eyes to new cultures, ideas and experiences. Traveling with the College of Business demonstrates how leading international businesses embrace those cultures, ideas and experiences. Students can take the International Business Experience as a 1-credit elective within their graduate business program. College of Business alumni are invited to use this as an opportunity to meet with students, other alumni and international business leaders and expand their network of professional contacts.

Two Annual Experiences – Domestic and International 

The College of Business offers summer and winter travel opportunities each year enabling students, alumni and faculty members to travel to different regions. 

The summer option is typically in May and takes you to Europe or Asia to connect with notable businesses while immersing yourself in local cultures. The winter option in late December or early January explores the Americas and includes visits to corporate headquarters in North and South America.

  • The International Business Experience is a 5- to 10-day optional, one-credit elective: International Business Experience (BUS690A) (some business graduate programs may not allow/require the 1-credit elective portion).
  • Gain insider access to multiple local, national and multinational businesses.
  • Meet with business leaders, learn about international business culture and encounter global business environments different from your own.
  • Sightseeing tours and accommodation are included.
  • These experiences offer many opportunities to try the local fare, to explore sights on your own and network with fellow graduate students, alumni, and faculty.
Business students pose for a photo while on an international business trip

The International Business Experience has taken College of Business students and alumni to many locations across the globe, including India, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Spain and Chile. No matter their destination, participants return home with new insights into international business and culture.

Contact us today to sign up for an upcoming trip and learn how the International Business Experience can enhance your degree.