Use your AUCC credits to fulfil minor requirements in just three semesters


Acquire marketable skills and add value to your talents in 21 credits of courses


Offer rate from jobs and graduate programs for graduates with the business minor

Go further, faster in every field with the skills you gain with a Minor in Business Administration

Business in your back pocket

Support your career, wherever it takes you with coursework that offers the flexibility to enhance any major with the skills that best suit your plans. The Minor in Business Administration allows you to individualize your academic journey to fit your future with the flexibility of four tracks. Develop a broad overview of professional skills or focus on your needs to simultaneously earn a certificate in business-to-business sales or entrepreneurship.

Business Minor Core

Business Foundations

21 Credit Program

Business Minor Core Curriculum - General Business - Business-to-Business Selling

Business Minor Core Curriculum - Entrepreneurship - Music Business

Coursework to fit your goals

Chart your own course and complete your Minor in Business Administration with the skills and experiences that best match your future. The 21-credit program can be completed in only three semesters and is open to all CSU students who are not Business majors. Select from a wide range of courses and education abroad opportunities to build the skill set that accelerates success in your field.

General Business track

Expand on the fundamentals in the minor’s core curriculum with deeper exploration of your choice of topics that include business information systems, legal issues, customer relations, real estate or marketing, among other options.

Business-to-Business Selling track

Focus on developing the skills to strengthen customer relationships and managing sales teams while honing your own sales skills. Completing this track simultaneously fulfils the requirements to earn a Certificate in Business-to-Business Selling.

Entrepreneurship track

Prepare to launch your own venture and cultivate the diverse skills you need to succeed in your field with course options as wide-ranging as apparel design to biomedical design. Completing this track simultaneously fulfils requirements to earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.  

Music Business track

Lay the foundations for success in a unique and dynamic industry as you learn about licensing and revenue streams, merchandising, concert promotion and music marketing. Completing this track simultaneously fulfils requirements to earn a Certificate in Music Business.  

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*Please Note: you must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to declare the minor
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Equine Science Major


"Even in the 'science' world, you still encounter basic business issues, especially management, finance and accounting."


Kailee Reed,
Equine Sciences Major


"Business is all around us. Many business concepts overlap with many concepts in journalism and the two fields just complement each other."

Carson Cooper,
Journalism and Media Communications Major


"As an arts administrator, I feel it's important to be well-rounded not only in what I want to produce but also the administrative side of theatre."

Jessica Kroupa,
Theatre Major