Go farther, faster in every field with the skills you gain with a Minor in Business Administration

The Business Minor enhances your degree major with skills to help you navigate your chosen field and pursue the ideas and paths that enable you to create impact. Graduate with the skills to support your own business or enhance your career with business skills in marketing, finance, management and accounting valued by employers. Even better, your Business Minor could help you expand your horizons with education abroad, deepen your perspectives on social responsibility and leadership or pursue a specialized business topic such as entrepreneurship, real estate or information management. 

Open to all CSU students who aren’t business majors, the Business Minor is a 24 credit program that can be completed concurrently with your other degree plans in as little as three semesters. Be proactive and declare your interest in the Business Minor today or contact an advisor to help you plan your academic journey with a Business Minor.

Flexible Curriculum

The first seven courses of the curriculum introduce students to business fundamentals that are universal to success in every career path. Complete the minor with coursework that goes beyond traditional business practices.

Education Abroad

Complete your Minor in Business Administration with an introduction to international business and exposure to global cultures in Ecuador, Tanzania or many other countries.

Social Responsibility and Leadership

Gain the language and dialogue capabilities employers seek when hiring diverse and culturally competent staff.

Contemporary Business Topics

Focus on the area that best supports your career plans, including international business, entrepreneurship, real estate or business information management.

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Kailee Reed

“Even in the 'science' world, you still encounter basic business issues, especially management, finances, and accounting.”

Kailee Reed, equine sciences major

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