Marketing plays a critical role in business. The Department of Marketing places special importance on the ways marketing can positively impact society.

The Department of Marketing challenges its students and faculty to make the world a better place by developing solutions to problems people face in business and society. We prepare students for careers in marketing by providing challenging and engaging curriculum as well as hands-on experiences such as internships, practicum classes, and marketing plan projects created by real companies. The second biggest undergraduate concentration at the College of Business, the marketing program lets students focus their studies toward many different aspects of marketing. It also helps graduate students fulfill their requirements for our MBA programs. Our faculty members are dedicated to providing a contemporary understanding of consumers, markets, market research techniques, and marketing strategies. They also are leading some of the nation's most impactful research. In fact, our faculty are among the most cited researchers in the field and have received numerous awards for their findings.

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The Department of Marketing serves various constituents of the marketing community, from our students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees to an international academic research community to local companies. In all aspects we focus on covering the breadth of the marketing domain – and marketing is very broad – with high-level quality teaching and research.  For students we have recently revised our curriculum to offer academic certificates within the marketing program. These certificates, such as marketing research and data analytics and strategic marketing, focus on five attractive areas of employment for undergraduate students.  At the graduate level, our marketing management certificate allows students to specialize in marketing with coverage of strategy, research, digital marketing, services marketing and sales management. In both curriculum and research we strongly believe in providing a substantive analytical base for choice and decision making.

– Dave Gilliland,

Dave Gilliland


Leading the way to solve complex business problems, our research extends beyond journals and publications. Our faculty include experienced scholars whose work impacts our field and society as well as being widely cited.

Areas we study:

  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Consumer choice and decision-making
  • Inter-organizational business relationships
  • Services marketing
  • Sales management
  • Customer identification
  • Pricing

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Academic Programs


Marketing Concentration

The marketing concentration helps you explore marketing’s critical roles in business and society. You will have many opportunities to gain experience in developing marketing strategies and tactics.

This certificate provides you with an opportunity to develop significant knowledge about, and experience in, addressing business customers’ needs and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships. You will learn about approaches for attracting customers, planning for and conducting meetings with business customers, managing a sales force, designing channels of distribution, and developing marketing strategies. You will be well positioned for career advancement within selling, sales management, and business-to-business marketing.

This certificate provides you with management skills and strategic insights for providing consumers with satisfying experiences across a cross-section of markets including retailing, hospitality, and entertainment. Customers’ experiences often extend into online contexts and therefore students pursuing this certificate will gain an understanding of digital tools used in attracting customers and addressing their needs for information and online services.

This certificate provides you with a comprehensive view of the tools that marketing managers use to understand markets and evaluate their marketing efforts. You will gain valuable insight into the traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods used to collect primary data as well as the advanced analytic techniques used by marketers to transform secondary data into decision making information. Central to the analytical methods used by marketing managers is access to data gathered through digital marketing efforts. You will gain experience with social media, website management, content marketing, web analytics and search engine optimization.

This certificate is designed to train you in effectively communicating with customers across a variety of channels and developing branding strategies. By completing this certificate could pursue employment at an ad agency or an agency specializing in branding, digital marketing, or sales promotion. You will also gain knowledge, skills, and experiences for employment as a marketing communications or digital marketing specialist for a wide variety of organizations.

This certificate provides you with considerable experience in marketing decision making and planning. You will be exposed to frameworks and concepts that are central to developing marketing strategies. To complete this certificate, you will select three courses that are each centered on a different component of the marketing mix, and as such, you will gain experience in addressing a wide variety of marketing problems.

This certificate provides students with a robust foundation in marketing. Courses allow students to develop a deeper knowledge of strategy and planning, sales management, consumer behavior, service marketing, and market research.


The Center for Marketing and Social issues engages in groundbreaking research that addresses marketing's effects on society. The center aims to enhance consumer welfare, inform public policy, and improve the overall well-being of society. Contact us at (970) 491-7483 or

Student Involvement

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Marketing Association – Students get valuable marketing-related experiences, opportunities, and knowledge in this organization. The association also helps them explore alternative marketing career paths.

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Internships – Our internship program allows students to blend classroom learning with work experience. Interns develop a better understanding of the industry and create connections that benefit their career path.


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