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We strive for social impact

When used with purpose and intent, marketing can do more than just drive the growth of a business. When businesses and organizations realize the effects that marketing can have on communities, it creates opportunities to use marketing to create lasting change. The Center for Marketing and Social Impact at CSU’s College of Business aims to advance marketing's societal contributions through research, education, and outreach.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance consumer welfare, inform public policy, and improve overall societal well-being.
  • Support the study of marketing's effects on society.
  • Increase research output, educational programming, and outreach activities that make a difference.

By focusing on an interdisciplinary approach to marketing and problem-solving, we strive to become the premier source for information in the western United States about social and public policy related to marketing. The Center offers business students, professionals and marketing academicians the chance to explore the effect marketing has on society while also encouraging the development of educational programming, business practices and public policy initiatives that promote positive social change. Through grant-funded research that aligns with the Center’s goals and objectives, our faculty, students and partners can use marketing for a better world.

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