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This rigorous, practical program features a comprehensive study of integrated corporate risk measurement and management processes and principles. You’ll leave the program better able to assess and respond to changes in the risk environment and with the confidence to develop effective solutions to meet the needs of any industry.


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FIN 605 Enterprise Valuation

Corporate valuation methodologies including dividend discount model, relative valuation using market multiples, free cash flows and options analysis

FIN 630 Financial Modeling

Practical applications of financial modeling and computer programming to analyze financial data

FIN 655 Investments

Investment analysis and decision making emphasizing equity securities and portfolio management

FIN 665 Financial Engineering

Using futures, options, swaps, and securitized transactions in financial management

FIN 675 International Finance

Analysis of the foreign exchange market and international financial markets

FIN 610 Debt Securities Analysis

Valuation of corporate, government, and mortgage-backed debt securities and strategies for management of debt security portfolios

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