When you're ready to apply to the College of Business Master of Finance, we're here to help. We want your application process to be smooth and successful, so please reach out to us.

The field of finance is growing fast and the need for highly trained and passionate financial professionals has never been greater. At CSU’s College of Business, our Master of Finance program connects students with the coursework and skills they need to quickly find a job in the highly competitive finance industry.

The idea of exploring every aspect of finance, from quantitative finance to financial reporting and analysis, is something that excites and inspires you. Whether you have a background in commercial banking or investment, you manage your own stock portfolios or you’re new to finance, you approach the possibility of financial markets with curiosity. You have an analytical mindset that helps you dig into foundational business concepts while expanding your knowledge of detailed financial skills. 

Your expertise and insights are in demand. The Master of Finance program emphasizes real-world applications and solutions that can help you find a job worth investing in. Join the growing field of finance and our network of more than 35,000 College of Business and apply today. 

Eligibility and Requirements

We know you're more than a test score or a grade. The admissions committee takes a holistic approach when considering applications, which means we look at who you are as a person and what you would bring to our program and campus community. While we encourage our applicants to meet the minimum criteria, the inability to meet one may be offset by strengths in other areas. Generally, Master of Finance applicants must meet or exceed the following criteria:

Application Deadlines

  • Fall AdmissionFull-financial consideration
    apply by February 1
    International applicants
    apply by May 1
    U.S. applicants
     apply by July 1

Please be aware that deadlines for financial aid may occur before the application for admission deadlines.

Application Process

The time it takes to complete the application process mostly depends on how long it takes you to gather your materials. Completing your portion quickly will allow us to give you a decision sooner. The information below should help you with the application process, but please contact us if you have any questions.

We accept applications for fall admission only. The application deadline is May 1 for international applicants and July 1 for U.S. applicants. We strongly suggest that you not wait until the deadline, but submit your application well in advance. Admissions are competitive and made on a rolling basis.

  1. Submit CSU Graduate School Application online
    • Visit gradadmissions.colostate.edu/apply to start your application.
    • Under "Select an application type," choose the term that you are applying to.
    • Under "Program," choose Finance (M.F.I.N.).
    • Request/upload application materials directly to your online application and then submit.
      As soon as you have completed the required information, please submit your application. You do not need to wait for recommendations, scores, or transcripts to move your application forward.
  1. Pay the application fee

    Use a credit card to pay your application fee ($60 for domestic applicants, $70 for international applicants).

  2. Submit the online applicant data sheet

    Use your CSU ID number to complete and submit the College of Business applicant data sheet. After you submit your application online, you will receive a CSU ID number in approximately two to three days, unless you already have one (alumni and current students).

  3. Check your status

    We know you are eager to hear about your application status, so you can check it any time to make sure your application is complete or to keep an eye on updates. You will receive a confirmation email once your application is complete.