Go further in any field with business in your back pocket

Minors give non-business undergraduate students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of business foundations within specific industries. The College of Business offers four minors: Music Business, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Business Administration. Students are required to complete 21-24 credits of courses.

Music Business

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the music business, an industry like no other, in the Music Business Minor. By learning the fundamentals of business, discovering industry foundations and identifying major stakeholders in the growing sector, students prepare to navigate the inner workings of the contemporary music industry. 

Real Estate

Develop foundational knowledge of the dynamic and complex field of real estate through the Real Estate Minor. Coursework explores selling, appraising and the principles of real estate finance. After the program, students leave with a thorough understanding of real estate concepts and how to translate them in a professional setting. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tap into the entrepreneurial mindset and practice problem solving in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor. By learning to develop solutions to complex problems, you learn to leverage creativity and innovation to successfully engage with stakeholders from investors to potential customers. 

Business Adminstration

A minor in Business Administration offers a great opportunity for non-business students to gain a better understanding of business foundations. The minor’s flexibility gives you the option to individualize coursework to best fit your future needs and goals.