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Computer information systems uses technology to help organizations solve complex business challenges smoothly and efficiently.

The Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) in the College of Business specializes in bringing people, processes, and technology together. We give undergraduate and graduate students the tools they need to not only jump into a career in CIS, but to keep up with the technology as it changes. Our graduates enjoy some of the highest starting salaries among all majors at Colorado State University and are assured of quick job placements. The field of computer information systems is always evolving, and our faculty members have active and diverse research that spots trends and builds knowledge in the industry.


As one of the first CIS programs in the country in 1964, it’s our goal to continue that pioneering tradition as we enhance the curriculum to serve today’s advances in technology. Our 16-member faculty are committed to providing a relevant systems education with a unique blend of technical and business-oriented topics and skills. Students benefit from close industry relationships with our departmental advisory council and internship opportunities and access to state-of-the-art facilities. We offer an undergraduate concentration and a master’s in information systems that is designed for those with or without an IT background. The master's degree currently serves around 200 students in over 30 states and eight countries. Our graduates take jobs including system administration, systems analysis, design, and development, consulting, and management for global companies across industries. In addition we offer graduate certificates in business intelligence and project management and an undergraduate certificate in information technology for business professionals.

– Dr. Leo R Vijayasarathy,
Department Chair and Professor

Dr. Leo R Vijayasarathy

Advisory Board

Technology changes rapidly in computer information systems. The Department of Computer Information Systems advisory board, comprised of industry professionals, are a vital connection to real-world trends and topics. Board members help us serve the needs of our students and our community by advising us on our strategic direction and goals.


Leading the way to solve complex business problems, our research extends beyond journals and publications. Our faculty include experienced scholars whose work impacts our field and society as well as being widely cited.

Areas we study:

  • Computer networking
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Database research
  • Electronic marketing
  • Decision-making under stress
  • E-commerce
  • Ethical issues in information technology
  • Data privacy
  • Data analytics
  • IT service learning and gender studies
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Security
  • Email spam
  • Software development process

Featured Faculty

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Academic Programs

The Master of Computer Information Systems at CSU's College of Business is a 33-credit program offered both on campus and online. The program provides a rigorous education for those with technical backgrounds, while also accommodating an extended learning cycle for those new to the field. In both cases, this technical degree will complement your drive to achieve more and give you the tools to get ahead and stay ahead.

Business applications are everywhere and used in nearly every industry. This certificate is designed to teach business, computer science, engineering and IT professionals the knowledge and expertise needed for business application development. Gain practical, hands-on problem-solving skills to design and build applications using modern software development techniques, tools and technologies. This certificate is offered as an online or on campus program.

This certificate is designed for those who work in information technology (IT), who have clients in technology fields, or who want a broad introduction to information systems. Students learn to strategically implement technology within organizations and get a managerial-level understanding of infrastructure, applications, and the industry’s latest data analysis tools. This certificate is offered as an online or on campus program.

Completing the business intelligence certificate positions students to bring value to companies across many sectors. Students learn how to harness vast data stores to solve problems, enhance decision-making, and discover new business opportunities. This certificate is offered as an online or on campus program.

The cybersecurity certificate was created for business, engineering and IT professionals who want to increase their knowledge and expertise while gaining relevant skills in cybersecurity and information assurance. Learn how to: set up and troubleshoot hardware and software for a computer network, identify system vulnerabilities and common security problems, perform risk-and-cost-benefit analysis, configure web protocols, secure servers, configure a firewall, install intrusion detection systems, understand forensic procedures and more. This certificate is offered as an online or on campus program. 

This certificate is designed for both technical and non-technical students who want to gain the knowledge and skills relating to software development or IT project management. This certificate also prepares students to sit for the PMP® Certification or the CAP-M® Certification exams. This certificate is offered as an online or on campus program.

The computer information systems (CIS) concentration provides you with broad knowledge of computer information systems along with the skills you need for effective decision making in a business environment that is diverse, global, and highly competitive. The curriculum evolves continuously to ensure that your degree features the most useful and up-to-date material valued in the industry.

Student Involvement

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CIS Club – Students become a part of the information technology and computer management community by taking part in speaker events, workshops, community service, and company tours.

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CIS Class Help Center – This help center is an academic resource for graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in CIS courses. Students can get help with course material and assignments on campus or online.

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Curricular Practical Training – With this program, international (F-1) students get valuable work experience that builds on the skills they're learning in the classroom. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a temporary authorization for off-campus employment that is directly related to your field of study.

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Internships – Our internship program allows students to blend classroom learning with work experience. Interns develop a better understanding of the industry and create connections that benefit their career path.


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