Through diversity and inclusion, we advance our vision of business for a better world

Sharing Experiences and Sharing Success

The College of Business at Colorado State University is committed to practicing business for a better world. We are dedicated to upholding and championing the Principles of Community put forth by the Office of Inclusive Excellence: inclusionintegrityrespect, servicesocial justice. These principles align with our broader mission of uniting purpose and profit and using business to create a better world.

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A Welcoming Community is Our Responsibility

Colorado State University has a historical and cultural commitment to offering an excellent education. The original purpose of land-grant schools such as CSU was to make education more accessible, equitable and democratic, and that commitment remains as firm today as it was in 1870. To fulfill that commitment, our College is creating an educational experience that prioritizes research, engagement and outreach. Of course, making education equitable also means making it inclusive and diverse. Doing so ensures that our students enjoy a remarkable collegiate experience.

Our mission and vision compels us to think creatively and boldly face challenges. Diversity and innovation are linked, and as part of educating our students to be leaders and forces for change, we offer them an academic experience that is inclusive of all experiences, ideas and identities. We know that creating a diverse and equitable educational environment is an evolving process that requires ongoing dialogue. Instead of relying on a singular effort or initiative to make this change, we use the support of our students, faculty, staff and programs to make meaningful progress.

We are responsible for creating a diverse academic experience that upholds our Principles of Community, promotes greater access to business education, supports innovative objectives and encourages a safe, equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for the exchange of ideas.

Leadership in Inclusion


It is my sincere honor to be the first social and cultural inclusion director for the College of Business at Colorado State University. I have worked within the College of Business for 4 ½ years as an academic advisor, coordinator of Business Diversity Leadership Alliance (BDLA), leadership facilitator for ROCK S.O.L.I.D. and an instructor for BUS496 Social Responsibility and Leadership. I have a passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) not only as my lived experience but as a foundation of my career. My position is unique. The College of Business is committed to educating and supporting our students while also putting the lessons we share into practice to drive change across the business world. This cross-disciplinary approach led to the creation of a unique role that is a joint appointment between the College and New Belgium Brewing Company, where I serve as a DEI subject matter expert.

Patrice Palmer shares their vision for the future of diversity, equity and inclusion in the College

Visibility matters. When you don’t see yourself represented in a space you don’t ‘know’ if you can do it. My position shows students, staff and faculty that a Black, queer, transgender (nonbinary) person can lead and that they can too – boldly and unapologetically. My work is to use creativity and innovation to push past just creating a diverse space for some but to create an inclusionary environment based in social and cultural equity for all. Although I’ve spent over 15 years of my career developing best practices for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, that time has also given me an understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Change isn’t neat and concise. Actually, change comes in only two forms; either by disaster or by design. Change is inevitable and how we handle it gives us the power to control how it is received and enacted. We have a unique opportunity in our College to design the change we wish to see. As Biz Rams you all will literally create our world through your leadership, innovation and design. Here in the College of Business you will learn how to use business as a force for good and I can’t wait to help you intentionally do that. My vision is centered in my own college experience at Marygrove College. There I learned the 3Cs of justice-oriented learning and leadership.

Competence: All that we do must be steeped in academic rigor and analysis, while leaving room to grow in our own learning because learning never stops. Compassion: Compassion gives us the positionality to understand and work for others. What we do for others, we do for the world. Commitment: Justice is a lifelong goal. It is always rooted in what is best and what is right. Never stop working to change the world for what we do within these walls is what we can do for society.

I challenge you all to take the 3Cs with you as you continue the work of creating the world in which we all thrive. Dean Walker and I share a vision for what DEI can accomplish. With help from students, staff, faculty and our generous donors, we will elevate our learning environment and lift up those around us, creating a space for everyone across the University and Fort Collins communities to thrive.

— Patrice M. Palmer - Assistant Dean of Social & Cultural Inclusion and Director of JEDI Initiatives

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Resources and Training

Alongside the University, we actively promote an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity. In addition to the initiatives the College of Business leads and takes part in, you'll find a variety of groups, resources and training opportunities that help us advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our community.

Research and Discovery

Research is a fundamental part of the College of Business experience. Faculty, staff and students alike contribute to this culture of curiosity. Our faculty are engaging with the most pressing topics and ideas in the business field. Their work helps companies and organizations understand the benefits and advantages that diversity and inclusion offer. You'll find this research not just in academic journals but in classrooms as faculty engage with students about these important topics.

Support Our Students

Support for diversity and inclusion in business and collegiate environments can take a variety of forms and supporting our students can make an immediate difference. We're pleased to be able to offer a series of funds and scholarships for College of Business students. This financial aid recognizes student contributions to the College's diversity initiatives, responds to students’ financial needs and highlights those who champion our values and vision.

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