Creating a welcoming community is an ongoing process, and the right resources can help guide that process

University Diversity Resources

CSU and the College of Business are using a multifaceted approach and a range of resources to help everyone feel welcome, valued and affirmed in our community.

The CSU Oval in fall

Office of Inclusive Excellence

Office of Inclusive Excellence was established to create an inclusive campus environment by engaging with CSU students, faculty and staff. The Office of Inclusive Excellence helps shape the University’s commitment to diversity and created the Principles of Community.

The CSU Oval in summer

Bias Reporting System

In an effort to better understand bias-related incidents at Colorado State University, the Office of Inclusive Excellence  has created the Bias Reporting System. This system assesses, records and analyzes biased events and uses them to create opportunities for learning and support. This allows CSU to engage with both those who report bias and those who may have performed an act of bias.

A bridge over a creek in Fort Collins

CSU Land Acknowledgment

We are all stewards of the land, and the CSU land acknowledgment recognizes the long history of Native peoples and nations that lived on the land where the University now stands. This acknowledgment works to maintain a connection to these Native peoples and nations.

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Additional Resources

To encourage a culture of development and growth, we've assembled a brief of list of resources that may prove useful to those looking to learn more about diverse perspectives. Creating an inclusive community is an ongoing process, and the right resources can help guide our efforts.

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College of Business Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Trainings

The College of Business is excited to work with an extensive network of professional consultants, speakers and thought leaders to frame our discussions of diversity and inclusion. These individuals offer new perspectives, challenge our existing ideas and help shape our College community into a more diverse, inclusive and equitable space.

Inclusive Cultural Communications

Patrice Palmer

As the College of Business's Assistant Dean of Social & Cultural Inclusion and Director of JEDI Initiatives, Patrice Palmer led a short course exploring the importance of inclusive cultural communications in business and the workplace. They hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Marygrove College and they are finishing their doctoral studies at Baylor University, where their work revolves around gender variance, workplace inclusion, leadership and organizational change, social responsibility and curriculum integration and design.

Patrice encouraged participants to think about how they are deliberately building inclusive workplaces and shared a variety of skills and ideas to help organizations be more intentional in their efforts. You'll find a playlist of videos here as well as some of the highlights of their course below.