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Connect with new friends and new ideas in a student-led club

Joining a club or organization while you’re a Biz Ram is a great way to connect with other students, meeting professionals in the field and discover new career paths and opportunities. The College of Business supports a variety of groups that help students engage with the communities and ideas that they’re passionate about.

Association for Operations Management (APICS), CSU Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Club Members

Part of the Northern Colorado chapter of the APICS, the Supply Chain Management Club connects students with supply chain professionals. Through events, guest presentations, networking opportunities and regular meetings, members take part in a variety of activities that help them explore the field of supply chain management. Thanks to its connection to the APICS, students can also pursue certificates and take specialized courses. Reach out to the Supply Chain Management club to find out how to join.

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Beta Alpha Psi

The Gamma Tau chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was established in 1971, and since then has been an active part of the College of Business. The Gamma Tau chapter takes part in activities throughout the year like tutoring, community service and taking part in VITA low-income tax clinics. For students who are in the fields of accounting and finance, Beta Alpha Psi is a chance to network with industry professionals, gain career experience firsthand and learn alongside students who share their interests. Students are encouraged to apply for membership both during the spring and fall semesters and to contact the fraternity with more questions.

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Computer Information Systems (CIS) Club

The CIS Club offers members a welcoming and inclusive environment in which to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world applications. Throughout the year, the Club invites guest speakers to present on the leading-edge ideas and advances. Workshops offer regular opportunities to learn new skills and network with industry leaders. The CIS Club has a broad base of support from alumni who help guide students toward fulfilling career paths. Contact the CIS Club to learn more about joining.

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Consulting Club

Consulting Club members

The Consulting Club began in October 2020 as a way for students to explore consulting careers, enhance their transferable skills, and allow for leadership opportunities. Experienced consultants will come to speak at club meetings and share their experiences, tips on getting jobs in the field, and a rundown of their daily tasks. Students in Consulting Club learn how to understand client cases, project plan management, and how to effectively communicate recommendations to clients. Contact Nick Panagos to learn more about joining Consulting Club

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Dean’s Student Leadership Council (DSLC)

Dean’s Student Leadership Council Members

Students who join the DSLC act as the voice of the undergraduate body at the College of Business. The DSLC collaborates closely with the dean to shape the academic, social and professional opportunities the College offers throughout the year. Each year, the DSLC works with undergraduate students to advocate for changes throughout improvement projects, arranges community service activities like CANS Around the Oval and organizes events like Business Day and Integrity Month. Members of the DSLC also work with donors, alumni and local business leaders. Connect with the DSLC to learn how students can be a part of this group.

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DECA Members

The CSU DECA chapter welcomes students from all majors, not just business. Rather than focusing solely on business competitions, DECA at the collegiate level encourages students to prepare for their future careers and develop the skills necessary to be a leader in their field. DECA hosts a variety of workshops, guest presentations and volunteer opportunities that connect students with the local business community. The chapter also helps judge high school level mock business competitions. Students can get started with DECA by emailing the club.

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Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)

The Mu Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is dedicated to promoting excellence in education and service. Founded in 1991, members are leaders within the College of Business, and their activities connect them to the Fort Collins community as well. Events like fundraising, community service activities and an annual formal give members the chance to connect with other members and local professionals, all while advancing the research and practice of business. As a co-ed professional business fraternity, DSP is open to all undergraduate business and economic majors. Email the chapter president to learn more.

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Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

Entrepreneurship Ambassadors at the Silver Grill

The Entrepreneurship Ambassadors is the place for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines who want to be involved with the entrepreneurship community at CSU. Membership in this club provides opportunities to gain the skills and experiences needed to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors with confidence. Ambassadors will network with local and statewide business leaders, engage with entrepreneurial students in every college on campus, volunteer at events on and off campus, and learn from nationally recognized entrepreneurs at exclusive Ambassador events. This organization offers support to our students as they pursue their passions and careers further practicing business for a better world, with the support of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and the communities we serve. Contact the Entrepreneurship Ambassadors to find out more.

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Finance Club

The CSU Finance Club is dedicated to promoting the interests and knowledge of finance. The club hosts guest lecturers and finance specialists throughout the year, offering members the chance to network with potential employers and learn more about potential career paths. In addition to lecture series, the club also takes part in numerous challenges, finance events and other networking opportunities. The club instills qualities like leadership, professionalism and integrity in its members. Contact the club to find out how to join.

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Global Business Network

As the international business club, the GBN promotes an environment of inclusivity and respect for differing perspectives. The GBN hosts events throughout the year that allow members to share their experiences and lend their insights into business at the international level. Members build a global community during regular meetings, study abroad opportunities or by collaborating with international students. The GBN leads the College of Business in promoting cross-cultural understanding and international business knowledge. Students can find out how to get involved by connecting with club.

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Latinx Business Association

Latinx Business Association Members

The LBA strives to foster community among Latinx-identifying students at the College of Business. By offering academic support, professional development and community outreach, the LBA is helping students become exceptional scholars who are giving back to their communities. Members are motivated by values like community, culture, personal development and finding fun in all areas of business. Learn more about the LBA and contact the group today.

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Marketing Association

The Marketing Association gives students the chance to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world experiences. With workshops, seminars with local employers and other networking events, members learn the skills they need to successfully enter the marketing industry after they complete their program. More than just professional development, the Marketing Association also hosts social events throughout the year that encourage members to destress and form lasting friends. Contact the Marketing Association to learn more about membership.

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Mentoring Program

The transition from high school to college can be challenging. The Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program pairs current juniors and seniors with first-year students, offering them friendship and academic guidance. The program features mentors, mentees and a leadership team. At every level, students are encouraged to give back to the College of Business community and find new ways to welcome others. Students can find opportunities to be a part of the program by contacting the group.

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Net Impact Club 

The CSU chapter of Net Impact is dedicated to helping students find new ways to use business for positive and environmental change. Current graduate, undergraduate students and alumni work with global programs and learn to become part of innovative nonprofit organizations. Net Impact encourages members to act at the local level by working with partners in the community, as well as engage at the global level with other Net Impact chapters. Get to know the Net Impact Club by contacting them.

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Professional Accounting Society

The Professional Accounting Society is an excellent way for freshman and sophomore accounting, finance and information systems students to connect with others in the field and find out more about becoming a member of the Beta Alpha Psi fraternity. Since the PAS is maintained by Beta Alpha Psi, many view it as a steppingstone into the fraternity. PAS members take part in the same events and enjoy the same sense of community activities as members of the fraternity. Contact the PAS to learn more about getting involved.

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Real Estate Club

Preparing for a career in real estate takes more than just classwork. The Real Estate Club was established to help students expand their knowledge of the industry while creating a network of contacts that can help them find a lasting career in the field. Members of the club engage in lectures, seminars and a variety of other events to promote their skills and engage with leading real estate professionals. Connect with the club today to join.

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Sales Club

The CSU Sales Club provides networking and career development resources, enhancing students’ business capabilities and professional profiles. By introducing students to professional selling, the Sales Club instills universal transferable skills across all majors and industries. Members have access to guest speakers, resume and LinkedIn workshops, professional headshots, opportunities at high-end networking events, interview prep, chances to travel and compete in national business competitions, and the ability to grow valuable skills and succeed post-college. Learn more and connect with us at

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Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE)

The National Honorary and Professional Management Society, Sigma Iota Epsilon promotes scholastic excellence and finds ties between academic and professional leaders in management. Members of the fraternity take part in events that connect them with professional managers, establish career opportunities and develop friendships with other business students.

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Society of Human Resource Management

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the Society of Human Resource Management provides learning opportunities by connecting members with HR professionals and thought leaders. The Society meets weekly and features guest speakers, group discussions and networking events. Members are encouraged to take part in the professional development courses, state and regional conferences and internships and job shadow opportunities the Society supports. Students can contact the society to learn more about joining.

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Student Center for the Public Trust (SCPT)

The Student Center for the Public Trust provides members with an interactive and inclusive environment where they work together to promote ethical thinking in business and academics. The organization takes part in debating ethical business practices and dilemmas and connecting with business thought leaders in discussing how business can be used to make lasting changes. Members can also take part in certification courses and leadership conferences. Become a part of the SCPT today and contact the club to find out how.

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Summit Fund

The Summit Fund (FIN496) adds merges academic coursework with professional experience by managing an active investment fund. In addition to choosing where and how to invest, members work with industry professionals and learn from their experiences through presentations and lectures. Students work together to learn how to manage the fund successfully and are encouraged to take a leadership role in contributing to the fund. Learn more about the Summit Fund and the course by contacting the faculty advisor.

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Valuing Innovative Performance (VIP) Management Club

Develop and strengthen your leadership skills and abilities with a group that values academic excellence and leadership. You will have opportunities to network with other members, faculty, community members, and business professionals. Get in touch with the VIP Management Club today.

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Women In Business Association (WIBA) 

Women in Business Association Members

WIBA is striving to be an inclusive and uplifting student organization with opportunities for members to grow, get involved, build community and connect with prominent women in the local business community. We provide a variety of professional and leadership development programming, engaging philanthropy projects, opportunities to discuss gender-related topics, community-building activities and even host events to meet and network with top companies who are recruiting talent from the College of Business. WIBA welcomes members of all identities at the undergraduate and graduate level who are pursuing a business degree or business minor in the College. You can contact the faculty advisor for WIBA to learn more about joining.

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