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Supply chain focuses on purchasing, producing, moving, and providing goods and services on a global basis.

Supply chain management professionals operate in a dynamic and changing world, managing resources and relationships with suppliers and customers worldwide. A supply chain manager will adhere to company, regulatory, and governmental practices to manage flow of money and information up and down the supply chain.

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Career Opportunities

Supply chain consultant

Project manager

Process improvement manager

Operations manager

Supply chain analyst

Sustainability specialist


Supply manager

Import/export agent

Purchasing manager

Procurement analyst

Materials product manager


Customer service manager

Demand planner / forecaster

Customer account manager

Distribution manager

Logistics analyst

Learn by Doing

It’s the cradle to grave cycle of inventory, and the industry is rapidly expanding.

We’re changing the world, one delivery at a time.

Eric Berlinberg, Amazon program manager

Academic Programs

The supply chain management concentration helps you develop knowledge of global supply chain management (SCM) along with the skills to implement strategic, efficient, and effective SCM practices in contemporary business enterprises. You will focus on process improvement, strategic sourcing and procurement management, logistics and distribution, and operations management.



You may want to earn a certificate when you're looking to expand your program of study without having to add a full concentration. You may choose our operations, logistics, and supply management certificate or other business certificates to supplement your major and make you more marketable.