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Dean Beth Walker

Advancing AACSB Standards and UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education

Business schools are increasingly being called upon to accelerate their collective impact in addressing global challenges, such as those outlined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Similarly, the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) provides impetus for business schools to align efforts addressing global challenges. In response to these expectations, AACSB updated its standards to reflect this responsibility and now requires accredited schools to demonstrate the positive impact of their strategies, curricula, research and community engagement. Clearly, business education is now on the forefront of social, economic and environmental progress.

For over a decade, the CSU College of Business has invested in initiatives to elevate our impact on business, society and the environment. Inspired by PRME, AACSB, Responsible Research in Business and Management and the United Nations' SDGs, we have leaned into our commitment to use Business for a Better World. We have identified strategic goals, metrics and initiatives across research, curricula and community that reflect this commitment. Many of these efforts, along with their outcomes, are featured in our 2023 report for PRME. I am hopeful that you find this report useful as you consider how to elevate your business school’s societal impact.  

As we enter a new year, I wish you the very best in 2024 and thank you for this opportunity to update you on the Colorado State University College of Business.

- Dean Beth Walker

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