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The College of Business Institute for Entrepreneurs wants to help students and community members take their good ideas and make them into a reality. Our three stage Venture Development Platform gives you all the tools you need to get your idea to market.

Student Venture Accelerator

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New for 2023, the Student Venture Accelerator is built to move your idea form from the design stages to a ready-for-market product in just three months. This immersive summer program helps you develop your venture for sustainable growth, even beyond the program. Selected venture teams have the chance to receive up to $5,000 in funding to support the initial startup of their operations and their marketing efforts.

The Student Venture Accelerator is open to all current CSU undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent alumni. 

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Stage 1: Venture Validator 1.0

6/20/2023 12:15 PM - 6/29/2023 1:30 PM
10/16/2023 5:00 PM - 10/25/2023 6:15 PM

The Venture Validator is the starting blocks for your entrepreneurial venture. This cohort-based program takes you through all the steps to get your venture off the ground and figure out if there’s a real opportunity there. The Validator is a 2-week 4 session program where you will:

  1. Understand who your customer is and what drives their decision making.
  2. Clarify your value proposition and know exactly what problem you’re solving and how.
  3. Build out the first half of your Business Model Canvas, identifying all the components needed to have a sustainable business.
  4. Learn from successful entrepreneurs and mentors as they guide you on your journey.

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Stage 2: Venture Validator 2.0

7/10/2023 12:00 PM - 7/19/2023 1:00 PM
11/6/2023 12:00 PM - 11/12/2023 1:00 PM

The Venture Validator 2.0 is a continuation of your customer discovery journey from the Venture Validator 1.0. This cohort-based explored the second half of the BMC to dive deep on if there’s a real opportunity to turn your idea into a business. The Validator 2.0 is a 2-week 4 session program where you will:

  1. Develop your competitive landscape and see how you differentiate. 
  2. Explore your supply chain and prospective partnerships. 
  3. Build out the second half of your Business Model Canvas, identifying all the components needed to run a sustainable business.
  4. Learn how to build your Minimum Viable Product/Prototype.
  5. Learn from successful entrepreneurs and mentors as they guide you on your journey.
Venture Validator 1.0 is a pre-req for 2.0

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Stage 3: Venture Jumpstart (Modified Accelerator)

The Venture Jumpstart is all about building the business around your idea and getting your venture to market! This is a self-paced, modified accelerator where entrepreneurs learn about – and take – the concrete steps needed to begin their business operations. In the Venture Jumpstart program, you turn your venture into an actual company and build your go-to-market strategy, including your first pitch! This program is accompanied by several live workshops, and 1:1 business mentoring. In the Jumpstart you will: 

  1. Create your Articles of Incorporation & Incorporate 
  2. Create your marketing plan, including your website, branding, and marketing assets 
  3. Build out your financial projections and pricing  
  4. Create your short- and long-term goals for success, including identifying key performance indicators  
  5. Develop your sales plan and go-to-market strategies 
  6. Collaborate with business & entrepreneurship mentors through 1:1 mentorship

Open enrollment for Spring 2023 is Jan 3-Apr 30, 2023. Enroll now.

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Stage 4: Venture RAMS Mentoring

After successful completion of Venture Validator and Venture Jumpstart, our ventures have the opportunity to become part of the Venture RAMS mentorship program which includes:

  1. Personalized 1:1 mentorship with our dedicated and experienced mentors and industry professionals 
  2. Access to the Venture RAMS Venture Studios, a facility designed to allow our ventures to work together and thrive 
  3. Opportunity to pitch your venture and build industry connections 

Please reach out to learn more and see if you are eligible

Venture Works

Venture Works is a startup-focused workshops to help grow CSU affiliates and Colorado community members existing ventures and introduce new entrepreneurial skill sets. Students gain hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship, explore business resources and tools, utilize design thinking and lean agile models, and more!

Venture Rams Business Showcase

The Venture Rams Business Showcase is the Institute for Entrepreneurship's premier event. Teams of entrepreneurs hone their business ideas, sharpen their pitches, and compete to win cash prizes that can be used to start their business.

The showcase was deisgned to help student build their confidence, develop their presentation and pitch skills and get real-time feedback in a constructive environment. After competing in the showcase, students will be ready to take their venture out of the CSU environment and into the dynamic world of business.

Pivot Programs

Small businesses have a big impact on their local communities. Recent global events have impacted locally owned businesses in a variety of ways. To help businesses meet these challenges, stay nimble in the face of adversity and develop new strategies, the College of Business offers the Pivot program.

Through a series of informative and collaborative sessions led by business leaders and College of Business faculty, business owners and managers will be introduced to new concepts and strategies that can help their businesses recover and thrive.

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The Institute for Entrepreneurship hosts Venture programming throughout the year. Learn more about our programs and the other events we support by signing up for our newsletter.

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