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Channel your innovative spirit through our academic courses

An entrepreneurial mindset isn’t limited to business majors. There’s a need for innovative thinking in every field and industry — from veterinary sciences to creative writing. The College of Business’s Institute for Entrepreneurship is excited to support a variety of courses and programs open to students from across Colorado State University, whether they’re business students or not.

Supported entrepreneurship courses

Designing for Defense

Our Designing for Defense course is sponsored by the Department of Defense and offers students the chance to use their skills to address real-world security issues. The course is structured so that you’ll learn and apply Lean Startup principles and work in the field to produce a minimum viable product for your DOD problem sponsor. This is primarily a graduate-level course, but a few slots are also available for exceptional undergraduates. Students from all programs are encouraged to apply for this course.

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Social and Sustainable Venturing

The Social and Sustainable Venturing (MGT 360) course engages students in local business projects that assist partner organizations across Colorado in accomplishing their social and sustainable goals. These projects are hands-on interventions with social/sustainable ventures, which involves the scoping, design, and creation of new social opportunities that chosen social/sustainable ventures could serve in the local community. Students in this program work directly with the venture to scope and design one change/solution that could improve economic viability without jeopardizing its social/sustainable mission.  

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Other entrepreneurship opportunities

Refine your entrepreneurial mindset by exploring the role of an entrepreneur in depth. The College of Business offers a minor and a certificate in entrepreneurship, which teach you how to identify opportunities and develop business models that capitalize on them.

Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Prepare to step into a role as a founder, investor, policymaker or leader by declaring a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This minor introduces students to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including startups, corporations, sustainable ventures and other groups. This 24-credit program introduces students to entrepreneurship concepts from the College of Business, as well as courses from other majors. Admission to the minor is competitive and interested students need to complete an application and meet eligibility requirements.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate

In this multi-disciplinary certificate program, students will explore the idea of entrepreneurship as a career and the role they might play in start-ups and innovation-focused firms. You’ll learn how to identify and evaluate new business opportunities, network with investors and position your work in the economy. This 12-credit certificate emphasizes management concepts and is open to all CSU majors, excluding entrepreneurship and innovation minors.

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