Transforming Lives Through Business

Built by students, educators, staff members and a growing network of partners and friends, the CSU College of Business community is core to our mission of transforming lives and using business to make our world a better place.

The forces that power our College and move us forward are the same ones that inspire our graduates and community partners. We are committed to learning and growth, driven to use business as a force for good, and dedicated to helping everyone reach their full potential.

Our Community's Impact

One of the things that’s really cool is you get to see all these projects, and I can drive through town and say, ‘Oh, we built that and we built that,’

Connie Dohn, BSBA alumnae and co-founder of Dohn Construction

How do you eliminate hundreds of metric tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere? MBA student Michael Somers and his team pitched a startup to do just that.

Michael Somers, Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA alumni

I became more and more confident in who I was and that CSU was a safe place to develop as a young student and a young business person.

Arthur Valdez, BSBA alumni and executive vice president, chief supply chain and logistics officer at Target

Michael Smith's generous full-tuition scholarships to College of Business students are reshaping the lives of dozens of undergraduates who are capitalizing their new opportunities.

Melissa Quesada, Michael Smith Elite Business Scholar

If we make the wrong choice, even under the ambiguity and umbrella of business, it can impact ourselves our lives, our families forever.

Ray Boucher, BSBA alumni, renowned attorney, and Dean’s Distinguished Leadership lecturer

The concept of ethics is fundamental to the way Otter does business, and it is very exciting to be able to pass that passion on to the students at CSU.

Jim Parke, Otter Products CEO

To ensure that all our students have the same shot at landing their dream job, the Career Management Center Student Professional Development Fund provides professional clothing for job and internship interviews to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Engage with Purpose

Regardless of where our community members are in their personal and professional journeys — from having just walked across the stage at commencement to finishing storied careers and building their legacies — we are passionate about providing people with the tools and opportunities to increase their impact.

Mentor a Future Business Leader

Business professional talking with a student
Mike Fries, CEO and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global, speaks with a business student after his Business Day presentation at CSU. 

Greatness is rarely achieved without the helping hands of those around us who share our goals and hold a passion for seeing others succeed. 

From pairing seasoned business professionals with students to peer and near-peer mentoring that connects upperclassmen, underclassmen, and high school students from across rural and diverse communities in Colorado, our mentoring programs bring together all the members of our College.

Although the types of mentors and mentees vary, the goal is always the same: create meaningful and supportive relationships that change people's lives.

Professional Mentoring

The Professional Mentoring Program starts at the beginning of each academic year. All participants commit to meeting at least twice per semester, either in person or virtually, for one academic year.

Every year, the College facilitates scores of professional mentoring connections. This year, will you lend your insights and experience to help to increase that impact?

Learn More About Professional Mentoring

Entrepreneurial Mentoring

The Institute for Entrepreneurship provides a variety of engagement opportunities for those who want to volunteer their time serving as domain experts and venture advisors, assisting in implementing programs and providing general mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs from across CSU and the community.

Learn More About Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Women in Business Association

Launched in 2016, The Women in Business Association (WIBA) in the CSU College of Business is a student-led organization for undergraduate and graduate students who have a shared value of advancing women in the business community. WIBA provides opportunities to build community, discuss gender-related topics, engage in philanthropy and service projects, build leadership competencies, and network with companies and prominent female leaders in local industries.

Get Involved With WIBA

Support an Impact MBA Summer Fellowship

The Impact MBA, Corporate Sustainability track prepares students to make sustainability a part of the purpose and profitability of a business. As part of the program, students are paired with a business partner to identify, analyze and address a sustainability issue. Businesses from across Colorado can support these students by hosting a summer fellowship. During the fellowship, students help businesses meet changing sustainability requirements, prepare for future growth and meet new market demands.

Host a summer fellowship

Make a Gift and Be the Difference

From scholarships to faculty endowments and dedicated program support, financial donations make an immediate impact on the lives of our students and educators, as well to accelerate academic program development.

No matter the amount, every dollar makes a difference and we encourage our community members to explore the options for impacting change.

Giving Opportunities
Giving Outcomes

Make a Gift

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Hire a Student for an Internship or Job

We appreciate employers' interest in recruiting College of Business students and alumni, and are happy to help you develop a talent pipeline that connects you to the next generation of business leaders. Download the employer guide and contact us at or call (970) 491-1540 for more information. 

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Join Us: Upcoming Events

Events hosted and supported by the College of Business serve as gathering points for our students, alumni, faculty, staff, business leaders and broader CSU and Colorado networks.

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College of Business Events
2/4/2023 10:00 AM - 4/8/2023 2:00 PM
Saturdays at CSU's College of Business from Feb. 4 to April 8
The Multicultural Undergraduate Research Art and Leadership Symposium
4/4/2023 12:00 PM
Meet Amy Aldridge, Partner at Tributary Real Estate
4/11/2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Discover the future of business
4/11/2023 12:00 PM
Meet Cynthia Patterson, Vice President of Customer Care at Heska

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Connect With the College

We are always interested in finding ways for our alumni and community partners to engage in a way that leans on their experience and expertise. This includes connecting people with our educators to facilitate meaningful classroom engagements, as well as other opportunities.

We encourage anyone with questions – or ideas that could benefit our students and programs – to reach out.

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