Live like a college student and learn more about the CSU College of Business

Interested in making a difference with business? Want to learn how to connect your passion and purpose to a new business or transform how business is done? Attend the First Generation Business Summit from July 22 - July 27.

Who is First Generation?

If you’re the first in your family to go to college and interested in business, this summit is for you! Whether you want to be a CEO, own a business or are still figuring out your path, this week long experience will help you learn about what business means, connect with our CSU community and make a few friends along the way.

Get the College of Business Experience

Stay overnight in a CSU residence hall on campus and eat in our dining centers as you learn the skills that will transform how business is done. Work alongside other first-generation students and College of Business faculty as you get valuable experience.

Get to know the CSU Campus and Fort Collins

Explore Fort Collins to get an up-close look at how local businesses solve production and distribution challenges.

Case Study Competition

Throughout the week, you'll work to develop a presentation and participate in a case study competition. Students will be broken up into teams and tasked to create a business that makes the world a better place. Students will pitch their idea to a mock board of investors for a grant of $100,000 to invest in their new company. Teams that finish in the top three receive prizes!

Connect with Current CSU Students

Engage with summit mentors and current CSU students who are also first generation college students. Participants will get to know their mentors, hear about their college search and discover why they chose CSU.

Prepare for Your Future College Experience

Attendees sharpen business knowledge in the classroom and at area businesses, develop the skills to successfully present to large groups, learn about career paths possible with the 10 concentrations at the College of Business and how to capitalize on the resources available for first-generation students to succeed at CSU.

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