The College of Business Professional Mentoring Program brings juniors and seniors together with seasoned business professionals in a unique program designed to benefit both mentees and mentors.

How It Works

An online platform pairs juniors and seniors with experienced business professionals based on user profiles that match participants on career goals, areas of expertise and industry knowledge.

The program starts at the beginning of each academic year with an orientation followed by open matching, when students request mentoring connections. All participants commit to meeting at least twice per semester, either in person or virtually, for one academic year.


To participate in the program, mentors must:

  • Have at least five years of professional experience
  • Set aside time for mentoring, honor all appointments and respond to emails within two days
  • Provide honest feedback and keep information confidential

Mentees must:

  • Be juniors or seniors in the College of Business
  • Take a proactive role in the relationship by initiating contact and driving meetings
  • Clearly communicate their goals and expectations, both for their career and the mentoring relationship
  • Respond to any mentor feedback or requests within two days
Professional Mentoring

Benefits for Mentors

Participating in the Professional Mentoring Program gives mentors the opportunity to make a real difference in students’ lives. Mentors provide personal insights into the business world, foster independence in their mentees and give them an avenue to discuss challenges and aspirations. Mentors improve their own interpersonal skills and networking opportunities while guiding the next generation of business leaders.

Benefits for Mentees

The program gives students the unique opportunity to personally connect with an experienced business professional. Mentees gain insights about career and life paths available after graduation, learn from their mentor’s successes and mistakes, explore their own strengths and weaknesses, build interpersonal skills and begin establishing their professional networks.

How to Participate

To learn more or to join the Professional Mentoring Program, visit the website or email

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“I think we both believed the time spent together helped my mentee successfully go through the job search and interview process, ultimately leading to an internship which will kick off the career he had hoped for.”

Professional Mentoring Program Mentor