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The Institute for Entrepreneurship serves as a hub for innovation, taking a zero-barriers approach to entrepreneurship by offering free programming open to all CSU affiliates and Colorado community members. Our three stage Venture Development Platform gives you all the tools you need to get your idea to market. This programming and others are designed to help launch successful ventures as well as build an entrepreneurial mindset in all of our program participants. The institute also facilitates connections with established business leaders and strategic partners in order to validate, incubate, and accelerate your startup.

The Institute is also a great hub for resources and fresh ideas. You can stay connected with the Institute by listening to our podcast and following on Facebook and Instagram.

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Venture Development Platform

Stage 1- Venture Validator 1.0

Venture Validator 1.0 is the starting blocks for your entrepreneurial venture. This cohort-based program takes you through all the steps to get your venture off the ground and figure out if there’s a real opportunity there.

Stage 2- Venture Validator 2.0

Venture Validator 2.0 is a continuation of your customer discovery journey from the Venture Validator 1.0 and explores the second half of the business model canvas to deep dive if there is a market opportunity.

Stage 3 – Venture Jumpstart

The Venture Jumpstart is all about getting your venture to market. This is a six-week program where entrepreneurs learn about – and take – the concrete steps needed to begin their business operations.

Stage 4 – Venture Rams

After successful completion of Venture Validator and Venture Jumpstart, our ventures have the opportunity to become part of the Venture RAMS mentorship program.

Learn more about these programs and others on our Programs page.

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“It’s really hard to just say one great thing, but the biggest thing I took out of Venture Validator was that there are a lot of successful businesspeople out there that choose to be readily available to help us succeed. That was very encouraging.”

- Venture Validator Cohort 9

“I SO appreciate the no barriers approach! ... I have finally come to the realization that I have what it takes and I’m taking a leap."

- Venture Jumpstart Cohort 4

“I want to say thank you for offering this class to community members. I'm not sure where I saw information about the program, but my first thought was that it was just for CSU students. I am so glad I took a chance and clicked the button for more information.”

- Venture Validator Cohort 10

“No one has taught me more about how little I know about business.”

- Venture Jumpstart Cohort 4

“The first most valuable thing was the data from the three rounds of interview questions. The other was the Business Model Canvas. It is such a great tool and opened my eyes to key factors I wasn't aware of when building a business.”

- Venture Validator Cohort 10