Our centers and institutes connect our academic programs with the community – companies, nonprofit agencies, and individuals seeking new business solutions.

College of Business centers, in many ways, serve as think tanks. They explore management and social issues, relevant business practices, and current industry trends. The centers provide research topics for our faculty, benchmarks and best practices for organizations, and hands-on learning experiences for our students. They also sponsor numerous programs, events, and special projects that inform and inspire academia and the people living and working in our communities.

Delivers management education and research with a focus on business operations, production, and distribution for beverage-related industries. Contact Interim Director Penny Gill-Stuart at penny.gill-stuart@colostate.edu.

Center for Corporate Financial Reporting

Promotes quality in financial reporting through educational outreach and research. Contact us at (970) 491-4918 or chris.ritsema@colostate.edu.

Engages in groundbreaking research that addresses issues through marketing principles and techniques. Contact us at (970) 491-7483 or kathleen.kelly@colostate.edu.

We prepare the next generation of sales leaders by teaching students the value of professional selling through innovative education and hands-on experience with corporate partners. Contact us at (970)491-7298 or COB_ProSelling@colostate.edu.

Produces and distributes knowledge that addresses current and future real estate-related needs of Northern Colorado and the Front Range. Contact us at (970) 491-5522 or erec@business.colostate.edu.

Connects HR scholars and executives to create innovative solutions for the challenges businesses face in areas like organizational culture, teams, diversity and inclusion and talent management practices. Contact us at (970) 491-4949 or Lynn.Shore@colostate.edu.

Focuses on training entrepreneurs to positively impact the world. Contact us at (970) 491-2737 or ramventures@colostate.edu.

Provides partners with the opportunity to interact with CSU supply chain faculty, outstanding supply chain students and other company partners. Contact us at (970) 491-4938 or susan.golicic@colostate.edu.

Offers up to 84 hours of continuing education to professionals in veterinary professions and fields. The Veterinary Management Institute is a collaboration between the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the College of Business. Contact us at (970) 491-4331 or cob_executiveprograms@colostate.edu.