Bring the spirit of entrepreneurship into your school

Venture Rams High at Colorado State University’s College of Business Institute for Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship support program for 7-12th grade students and teachers that takes a zero-barriers approach to entrepreneurship. The support program incorporates elements of entrepreneurship, design thinking, innovation, and business model development and focuses on solving real world problems and engaging the local community. CSU’s Venture Rams High support program provides resources and materials to help teachers and students in their entrepreneurial programs and classes. To be eligible teachers must attend one of I4E’s Venture Validator programs or one of our professional developments.

What Venture Rams High has to offer

  • Access to Venture Validator materials
  • Free professional development opportunities for teachers  
  • Venture Rams High newsletters with information on upcoming events and other business and entrepreneurship related opportunities  
  • Exclusive invitations to participate in the College of Business’s Business Day, Venture Rams High Kickoff field trip day and the Venture Rams High Showcase 
  • Venture Rams High mentors to guide participants as they develop their innovative solution- 2x a month for a class period (one mentor per class, virtual and in-person) 
  • Invitations to additional I4E, College of Business, and CSU events and programming.  
  • Support to connect with resources to help participants move ventures forward. 
  • Business leaders serving as mentors to teachers. 
  • Cost – FREE
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Venture Rams High Teacher Project Assistance

Venture Rams High Teacher Project Assistance is an opportunity for teachers to engage with business professionals and entrepreneurs to help guide entrepreneurial focused projects happening in their classrooms.

Mentors are asked to meet at least once a month, twice is preferable, with teachers for 30-60 minutes to discuss projects and provide guidance and potential resources. Teachers may opt to have you join the classroom and answer team questions however the main focus will be on assisting teachers with overall project questions, content and resources.

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See what Students are saying about our Venture Rams High Mentors:

“Working with Noah and Kristen was a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on advice from students who are currently pursuing an education in the same field as us. It was great to get a different perspective on our content than what we’d get from our teacher or our peers, and I found all of the advice and ideas that I received from them to be very helpful!” – Dawson

“Honestly, having the mentors was a really great experience. Their older ages and business knowledge provided a really cool and unique experience that I don’t think could have been replicated in another way. Their recommendations and ideas were equally as valuable as the unique perspective they provided.” – Anthony

“I really appreciated their unique insight, outside viewpoints, and different educational experience, which helped to highlight angles that we (or I) didn't consider originally. This meant that the projects were not only made significantly faster, as they could act as outside opinions and references to popular opinion, but they could also help to remedy short-sightedness or a narrow approach to a problem. Overall, I am super grateful to have such passionate and knowledgeable mentors, and I no doubt have them to thank for the progress that I did make during the semester.” – Tony

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