Gauge your school’s entrepreneurship status. Take a Pulse Check!

How well is your school currently performing in its entrepreneurial efforts and programs? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? 

Running entrepreneurship in schools is tough. That’s why we created a tool to help you get to the next level. The Pulse Checker is designed to provide a quick and easy analysis of how your school is doing and can implement the best entrepreneurship experiences for your students starting today. Take it on your own or reach out to discuss professional development opportunities. See contact information below!

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How the Pulse Checker Works

This tool evaluates the current state of your entrepreneurial programming. It's divided into four sections that assess eight key drivers. This will show you how well your school is doing across the key drivers known to contribute to a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem for your students, staff, and community.


  1. Diagnose the current state of your school and its entrepreneurship offerings
  2. Ask yourself questions you probably haven’t thought of
  3. Take a realistic look at where you are
  4. Notice gaps in your school where you have opportunities to grow


  1. See how you score across eight key drivers of success
  2. Get instant results with practical action steps you can immediately use
  3. Receive suggestions on how to implement and what next steps to take

Take your Pulse

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Who It's For

The Pulse Checker is designed for school leaders, staff and educators responsible for entrepreneurship programming.

What You'll Get at the End

After completing the questions, you'll receive a PDF report instantly emailed to the address you use when you register. The report includes a numeric score for each of the eight key categories along with specific recommendations customized to your responses.


The Pulse Checker is meant to help you learn about your school and ask yourself questions about your entrepreneurship programs and resources that you may or may not have even thought of before. Just the act of answering these questions will be insightful and useful.

The questions and categories were developed by K-12 educators and business school faculty and are based on research from entrepreneurial communities, existing entrepreneurship programs, and the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Colorado State University.

Take your Pulse

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