Learn to integrate business education and music with a Minor in Music Business

Music Business encompasses an expansive, multi-billion-dollar industry, covering everything from live events, touring, recording and music publishing to licensing, marketing and distribution. The Music Business Minor prepares students to learn about the fundamentals of business as it relates to the contemporary music scene. Open to all undergraduate majors excluding business majors, the minor explores a highly specialized sector by learning industry foundations, identifying major stakeholders, and discovering career and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

The minor provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the music business, so when they graduate, they’re prepared to succeed in many fields involved in the dynamic and growing sector. 


The Music Business Minor is a 21-credit program covering the foundations of business and specialized industry knowledge. The first five courses introduce students to a variety of business and music industry topics including the principles of music marketing, promoting concerts and live events, and managing digital-era revenue streams. Once students complete required courses, they have the option to choose more business-specific classes that tailor to their interests.  

Eric Griffin, Melissa Rinaldo and Chuck Morris of the Music Business Program
Eric Griffin, Melissa Rinaldo and Chuck Morris bring years of industry experience to the Music Business Program

Learning From Professionals in the Industry 

As Music Business Minors, students have the unique opportunity to step away from traditional textbook learning and learn directly from professionals who have had extensive careers in the music industry. From learning about music festival operations and recording contracts to managing major labels, the Music Business Minor offers students a real-life glimpse into the innerworkings of the industry.

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*Please Note: you must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to declare the minor.