Fort Collins Startup Week is coming to the College of Business for two days, bringing speakers from across industries to discuss all things entrepreneurship.

What is Startup Week? 

Fort Collins Startup Week is a free, five day celebration of entrepreneurship, community, and business education. Led by a diverse group of local entrepreneurs and experts, sessions will dive into the ins and outs of all things entrepreneurship, from being a business owner to branding yourself, setting goals, impacting company culture, and so much more!

Stars indicating Rockwell West and North Rockwell on a map. Rockwell west is located at 501 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins, CO. Rockwell North is located across the street at 638 South Sherwood Street, Fort Collins, CO.

When and where does it take place? 

Startup Week takes place across Fort Collins for five days, but on Monday, Feb. 24 and Tuesday, Feb. 25 sessions will be held in the College of Business, taking place at the Bohemian Auditorium in Rockwell West and the Venture Lounge in Rockwell Hall North.

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What sessions will be taking place in the College?

Sessions are already filling up! Due to limited capacity, if you're interested in attending, be sure to add sessions to your schedule on the Fort Collins Startup Week website.

Monday, Feb. 24

Rockwell West, Bohemian Auditorium

North Rockwell, Venture Lounge

Tuesday, Feb. 25


Rockwell West, Bohemian Auditorium

North Rockwell, Venture Lounge


CSU College of Business - Rockwell West, Bohemian Auditorium, Room 116 & the Rockwell Hall North Venture Lounge