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Expand career prospects and learn how to conduct global business with this secondary concentration

The modern economy relies on a web of international deals, supply lines and marketplaces. Many companies frame their entire business strategies around the movement of goods, services, and ideas across borders and between cultures. As a secondary concentration, our international business curriculum prepares you for career opportunities with organizations that have global operations.

Balancing not just business practices, but geopolitics, cultural nuances and different languages takes practice and confidence. The ability to create links between world cultures and global organizations is integral to tackling some of the most stubborn problems our world faces and achieving shared goals.

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International Business Careers

College of Business Students overseas

International business experiences can offer you a competitive edge while applying for jobs and internships regardless of the discipline.

Building connections between cultures, finding new ways to communicate with others, and taking a collaborative approach to problem-solving will serve you well in a variety of roles in the business world. 

International business students and professionals apply their knowledge and experience to a variety of circumstances and challenges.

The Career Management Center – exclusively serving College of Business students – hosts professional development seminars, networking events, and offers job search support services throughout the year. The Career Management Center has experience helping students find jobs across industries and is equipped to help you pursue positions with an international focus and effectively target your approach in applying for them.

What can you do with a concentration in International Business?

“I’d like to go into international marketing and it definitely put me on the right track.”

—Kelly Erber, International Marketing Graduate


Coursework to Increase Your Impact

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International business is a secondary concentration, meaning that you’ll have a primary concentration that also shapes your academic journey. Regardless of your primary concentration, you’ll find that international business has a role to play across nearly every field, and can be a natural fit for your interests.

By adding an international business concentration to your bachelor’s degree, you’ll learn the principles needed to succeed in a global context. With this new mindset, you’ll better understand how industries collaborate and compete at a whole new scale, and gain the insights necessary to begin expanding the scope of what you can accomplish beyond national boundaries. 

Each concentration has a collection of courses that are specific to that field of study. However, since the international business concentration is secondary, the required courses are complementary to many of the courses you’re already taking.

The requirements for earning your international business concentration also include pursuing either an education abroad experience, an internship with a global focus or a language course.

Full Curriculum Details

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Expand Your Worldview

International business expands the scope and scale of your work. In addition to all of the complexities of regular business practices, you’ll learn to work within the constraints of legal, ethical and cultural norms. The ability to recognize these factors, and create strategies and solutions for them, are tied to your global mindset and how to be a leader in your field. 

Travis Maynard, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
“You have to have a more global mindset … that’s a competency that organizations are looking for.”

— Travis Maynard, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs​

International Business for a Better World

Through education in and out of the classroom, international business students draw knowledge and inspiration from the experiences of people across the world in order to inform more just, innovative, and impactful business practices. Just one example is Semester at Sea, where students explore new countries while participating in hands-on exercises with local businesses, educators, and government entities. This once-in-a-lifetime experience offers students the opportunity to see the world and develop a powerful understanding of how people are connected through business and culture.

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Join the College of Business

As someone interested in the international business concentration, you’re focused on developing great connections. You’ll find, as a Biz Ram, those connections come easily. The College of Business supports a diverse group of students and faculty, offers hundreds of networking and learning opportunities throughout the year, and hosts groups that cater to your specific business interests.

To find the program that’s the best fit, the College of Business hosts information sessions where you can learn about what it takes to become business major, the first step in shaping your undergraduate experience at Colorado State University. You can also asking questions using the form at the bottom of this page or begin your application.

If you’re already a business major, contact your advisor to learn more about the international business concentration.

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