Product Development & Building Your Own MVP

Why Attend?

Students take part in an Institute for Entrepreneurship event

What should you do if you have an idea for a product but you aren’t sure if you can successfully implement it? Bringing a new product to market is always a big risk. But to reduce the risk, you can first develop a minimum viable product (MVP). Come to this workshop and learn:

  • Best practices in product development
  • Why MVPs are the way to go
  • Process for developing your MVP
  • Ask our developers and engineers your questions

Pizza and drinks will be provided. Please come prepared to get hands on and learn! Attendance is free and open to all CSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and community partners.

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About Venture Works: Startup Workshops

The road to entrepreneurial success is long and strewn with pitfalls, obstacles and blind turns. It is the goal of Venture RAMS to help support our startups at every turn, so they can grow into revenue generating businesses.

Throughout the Venture RAMS program, we offer supplemental, hands-on workshops designed to inspire and support our CSU entrepreneurs. These workshops introduce individuals to the entrepreneurial mindset, while simultaneously providing hands on training in high impact entrepreneurship and in-depth knowledge on critical success factors. Participants build entrepreneurial confidence, develop creative capacity, and acquire the necessary skills to scale their CSU Venture RAMS that solve real problems.


Nancy Richardson Design Center, Room 121
522 West Lake Street, Fort Collins, CO