By Griffin Moores

Working closely with counselors in the Career Management Center, College of Business students from all disciplines head out across Fort Collins, Colorado, and the country for internships in their fields.

From working in sales at Fortune 500 companies to serving in marketing and supply chain positions, students gain valuable insights into how they can use their degrees after graduation and learn more about what career path they want to pursue.

Why authenticity matters

Joe Santini sits outside in the College of Business's courtyard for a portrait
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An open door to global business

Taylor Hill portrait on campus
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From face time to full time

Daniel Brown in front of the College of Business
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A 1,700 mile gamble to pursue her passion

Kacee Fiddes with a dog at work
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Going where you can grow

Michael Wells stands for a portrait inside the College of Business
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Learning about business to one day start her own

Addie stands in front of FirstBank
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Learning while lending a hand

Luke Edwards stands at the Rocky Mountain Senior Games
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