Jason Chinnock

Chief Executive Officer, Ducati North America
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Following his passions from music to motorcycles, Jason Chinnock has forged a non-traditional career path to lead the largest subsidiary of the most prestigious motorcycle company in the world, Ducati. 

With a plan to fund his higher education he enlisted in the US Army as a M1A1 Abrams tank pilot. Following training he was stationed in Europe during end of the Cold War, the reunification of Germany and served in combat during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm while in the Persian Gulf. He successfully served his duties and was honorably discharged.

After attending Colorado State University, he started his career as a professional musician, writing and recording original music while touring the US. Unsatisfied with his results in the music business, Jason pursued his passion of motorcycling after accepting an entry level position at a local motorcycle dealership in Fort Collins, CO. While starting on the ground floor of a new industry, his professionalism, enthusiasm, and work ethic quickly opened doors to many opportunities in the business.  Joining Ducati North America in 2004, Jason held various sales and marketing roles, then was recruited in 2013 as General Manager of Marketing at Automobili Lamborghini America supporting their best year of sales to date whereafter then he returned to Ducati as CEO of North America in 2016. 

While at Ducati Jason has delivered their highest years of revenue and profitability, led the expansion into Mexico, brought professional racing back to the United States and record market share for the Ducati brand. As a skilled presenter and communicator, he directly engages national media outlets and public audiences furthering the awareness and excitement of Ducati. The result has evolved Ducati into a lifestyle brand which is inclusive, accessible and approachable yet maintains its aspirational and premium brand positioning for the North American market. 

As an avid motorcyclist himself, he regularly rides with friends and clients inspiring others to do the same spending his free time in the Colorado Rockies.