mosaic classroom
Meet the next evolution in online and on-campus learning

The next generation of our universal classroom has arrived. Mosaic elevates our online lecture capture, helping our online students better connect with their coursework.

With Mosaic, our top-ranked AACSB-accredited business school is poised to reinvent the online student experience with a classroom engineered to engage students, empower faculty, and expand our high-quality education beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. The Colorado State University College of Business will provide on-campus, on-demand and online experiences in one blended classroom.

Mosaic logoMosaic reflects the ability for students from all backgrounds to bring unique perspectives forward and collaborate on business projects and coursework. Mosaic enhances our collective strength as a community by enriching the learning experience for everyone.

Experience Mosaic in Fall 2020

For our upcoming Fall 2020 Online MBA cohort, we will provide a limited number of virtual seats through Mosaic for a two-year cohort experience. This option is ideal for students who require the flexibility to learn remotely, but who also benefit from participating in classroom experiences and can commit to real-time learning. Open enrollment will begin in late spring. Contact us to have your name added to the waitlist and be notified when the application process is open.


Dean Beth Walker

“We are in the business of transforming lives and Mosaic helps us continue that tradition. Online students can collaborate, share ideas and move concepts forward.”

- Dean Beth Walker

Everyone collaborates. Everyone participates.

Mosaic uses synchronous and asynchronous technology to create an immersive experience for both online and on-campus students.

However, mirroring the classroom is only part of the story. Mosaic augments the experience by allowing students from distant locales to not only observe, but to share their diverse perspectives within the classroom. Mosaic brings the classroom experience to remote students, letting online students learn alongside their peers on campus.

Since the 1970s, the College has had an established a tradition of discovering and perfecting new channels to reach students and professionals who are not able to be on campus. We traditionally provide access where neither distance, family obligations nor professional schedules prevent students from seeking advancement. Mosaic is the next generation of innovation building on that tradition.

Wherever you are, the College of Business’s classrooms – and the wisdom and opportunities they impart – are within your reach.

Expanding impact

College of Business faculty are as accessible to students as they are accomplished in their fields. Mosaic enhances that ability to engage directly with online students in a way that feels natural – from the virtual seat to the podium.  Mosaic enables a true extension of the classroom.

"By installing Mosaic at the back of one of our studio classrooms, we essentially extend our rows of ‘seats’ in the room. We enable our online audience to join the classroom as if they were sitting alongside on-campus students. This unique design provides a familiar experience, allowing our faculty to interact with online and on-campus students in the same fashion." - Richie Nelsen, College of Business Director of IT 

Mosaic offers the ability to eff­ectively scale and connect remote participants with live content, making classroom management and in-class communication possible for any size group. Mosaic benefits online students by providing collaboration tools that enable teamwork and expand networking relationships in many ways:

Live classroom communication
Connect with faculty or Instructional Coordinators through the platform

Chat capabilities
Receive feedback and facilitate engagement using chat features

Breakout groups
Split students into private video chat rooms for discussion and group work

General Specifications

  • 27 high-definition video screens
  • Desktop PC enabled via Google Chrome
  • Available worldwide via Wi-Fi