Jim Frucci

Program Manager for Institute of Entrepreneurship, Graduate Programs
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Jim is currently focused on program management activities within the Institute for Entrepreneurship. In the recent past, Jim served as an adjunct faculty instructor and Instructional Coordinator (IC) for several courses within the Professional MBA/Online MBA program. Prior to the IC role, Jim worked for many years as a senior IT leader, program/project manager, and strategy and planning manager for Hewlett-Packard as well as vice president at a supply chain management software company. Jim received his MBA from the University of Colorado in Boulder. One of the high points of Jim’s HP career was to both help develop and roll out business application portfolio management to the printer and personal computer businesses and serve on that team as a manager for several years. For CSU, one of the programs Jim manages is the Veterinary Management Institute, which helps veterinarians, clinic and hospital owners and staff, as well as industry professionals learn and apply business, teamwork, and leadership skills in the Veterinary industry. Jim values integrity, collaboration, authenticity, and humor and these values will always serve as the foundation of any role that he occupies.  

Personally, Jim enjoys the great outdoors Colorado has to offer as well as spending time with family, cooking, traveling, and exercising his dogs. 

Jim’s wife, Helene, teaches Pilates from her home-based business. Their oldest son, Alex, is currently enlisted in the Navy as a Communications Specialis and their youngest son, Anthony, works in the voice and script media industry.