Griffin Moores

Web Content Coordinator, Marketing Communication Services
Rockwell Hall - North, Rm. 102
(970) 413-2875
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Griffin's work centers around digital storytelling, utilzing photography, video and writing to bring to light the experiences of students, professors and alumni who make an impact on the college's community and beyond. Connecting shared values, like social responsibility, sustainable enterprise, a commitment to intellectual rigor and making a difference through business, helps paint a more vibrant picture of what it's like to be a member of the College of Business.


Griffin's background as a visual journalist has led him to seek authentic stories that address broad themes throughout the college. The dedication of faculty to conducting powerful research, of students to finding ways to use their skills and knowledge to benifit others, and of the administrative team to supporting them, is a constant source of inspiration to find stories that can speak to the spirit of cooperation that is prevalant throughout the College of Business and Colorado State University.


You can view Griffin's video work on the College's YouTube channel ( and examples of his journalistic experience on his personal website listed above.