Ms. Diane Miller

Senior Lecturer, Computer Information Systems Academic Department
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I enjoy the rich and often unrelated tasks of developing technical content.  As a "Tech Chick" and an artist, I have jumped at the chance to design the graphics and user interfaces on devices, websites, and software.

I spent most of my career in the technology field as a Member of the Technical Staff at Hewlett Packard, which included:

  • Graphics software programming
  • Program management
  • International technical training for networking
  • Marketing
  • Sales support

More recently, startup companies and technical consulting have been taking my attention, offering a broad range of experiences from UI and graphic design to large data number crunching.

Teaching CIS 200, Business Information Systems has given me a chance to offerr some of my experiences and knowledge of the tech corporate world to the new business stars of the future. It is truely a pleasure to interact with the students.

In addition, I instruct BUS 150 - Business Computing Concepts and Applications, an online course offered by the College of Business to all colleges on campus. This course helps prepare students for business by giving them the tools for business communication using Microsoft Office. This course will jump-start any student's future work life no matter what career they choose.

In my spare time I love creating art, gardening, finding and digitizing old photos, and trying new tech. I also love hearing the stories and adventures of my fellow humans as we create this thing called a life.