Dave Holmstrom

Sr. Marketing & Communications UX/UI Designer, Marketing & Communication
Rockwell Hall - North, Rm. 102
(970) 491-5399
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Dave Holmstrom is a UX/UI Designer with Marketing Communication Services. He specializes in producing outcomes for desktop and mobile UI microsite and website layouts as well as other design projects such as posters, brochures, presentations, information graphics, email templates, and graphics for social media. Dave earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University in 2001. He has a strong sense of visual design that translates into a unified web experience, distilling complex interfaces into simple solutions that users find compelling and easy-to-use. He is a natural collaborator and a great communicator, and he enjoys developing and presenting design ideas for all stages of the web development process including wireframes, mockups, development, staging and production.