Dr. Chris Becker

Senior Clinical Professor, Accounting Academic Department
(970) 491-3194
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    Ph.D. Philosophy (Habilitation), University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2010

    Ph.D. Economics (Dr. rer. pol.), University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2003

    M.A. Economics (Diplom), University of Heidelberg, Germany, 1999

Google Scholar: Christian U Becker 

Selected Publications

Becker, C. (2023): Ethical underpinnings for the economy of the Anthropocene. Sustainability ethics as key to a sustainable economy. Ecological Economics 211, 107868.

Becker, C. and J. Hamblin (2021): Conceptualizing personhood for sustainability. A Buddhist virtue ethics perspective. Sustainability 13(16), 9166.

Gmeiner, N., S. Sievers-Glotzbach and C. Becker (2021): New values for new challenges. The emergence of progressive commons as a property regime for the 21st century. Ethics, Policy, and Environment 24(2): 187-207. 

Becker, C. (2019): Business Ethics. Methods and Application. London and New York: Routlege.

Becker, C. (2017): Virtue ethics enabling sustainability ethics for business. In: Sison, Alejo J., Beabout, Gregory R., Ferrero, Ignacio (eds.), Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management, New York: Springer, pp. 1383-1394.

Becker, C. (2016): Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and Economic Rationality. In: J. Baker and M. White (eds.), Economics and the Virtues: Building a New Moral Foundation, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 9-36.

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