Managers balance projects, teams, and processes. They coordinate, strategize, plan, evaluate, and motivate.

Managers often oversee a budget and the activities of others to ensure that an organization’s goals and objectives are the focus of employee activities. Effective managers handle conflict, create good working environments for employees, and care for the human resources of an organization.

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Career Opportunities

Account manager
Business manager
Client services
Customer service
Events planner

Executive assistant
Human resources manager
Logistics/distribution manager
Operations manager
Project manager

Retail manager
Small business owner
Supply manager
Team leader

Learn by Doing

We're seeing that you can be socially responsible and sustainable and be very profitable at the same time.

Grace Hanley Wright 

CSU management instructor and alumna

Academic Programs

The organization and innovation management concentration provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of management, along with the skills necessary for effective decision making in a business environment.



You may want to earn a certificate when you're looking to expand your program of study without having to add a full concentration. You may choose our management certificates or other business certificates to supplement your major and make you more marketable.

We think earning an MBA is about the experience and the people you meet while you are growing toward your life and work goals. We offer five MBA programs so you can customize the way you learn according to your preferences – the choice is yours.