Find support and insight from someone who’s shared your experiences

There’s no substitute for experience. Draw on your mentor’s professional and personal life to help guide your career development and individual growth as part of the College of Business’ mentoring programs. Your mentor provides valuable insight while pushing you to fill skill gaps, develop specialized knowledge and make decisions from a broader perspective. 

The College of Business’ mentorship ecosystem extends opportunities to build relationships with students, professionals and business leaders and expand professional networks while forging important relationships with those who’ve been where you are now. 

I am...

… a first-year student looking to succeed in campus life 

The Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program serves first-year Business majors who identify as first-generation, racially or ethnically diverse students or students who come to Fort Collins from outside of Colorado or from a rural area. The program pairs you with a junior or senior, with whom you meet regularly during your first semester on campus. You’ll learn how to approach college academics, navigate the CSU campus, get the most out of Fort Collins and engage with your peers, both on campus and in the college social world.

… a Business major seeking a professional’s perspective 

Undergraduate and graduate students often have questions about an industry, current corporate practices, or simply seek advice about a specific, career-related question. The Mentoring Program Program leverages technology that matches students based on their needs to industry professionals based on their experience. Mentoring sessions last for up to 60 minutes and address bite-sized questions. If both parties are interested in maintaining regular contact they can extend the mentor-mentee connection on their own terms.