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Although there are more women in the business world than ever before, disparities persist among women pursuing business-related degrees, women in leadership roles, and women-owned businesses – not to mention the ongoing wage inequities that exist among gender.

Our student-led Women in Business Association is an opportunity to engage, support, and inspire our students with a commitment to advancing women in the business community.

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Women in Business Association fall speaker event

Be a Guest Speaker or Panelist

We look for guest speakers and panelists of diverse identities who can add value to our organization by engaging our student membership in building leadership competencies or business skills that complement the foundational skills they’re learning in the classroom. Do you have a case study or scenario that our students can dig into and discuss? What about a unique career journey that afforded important life lessons? Are you a leader in your field and have a distinct perspective on the business trends in your industry? These are topics our students are interested in and are an impactful way to engage and connect.

Offer an Industry Tour or Company Visit

Our students are making important and difficult decisions about their futures. Not being able to visualize yourself in a career you’re pursuing makes it even more difficult. Do you work for a great company or have a strong network within your industry? You can sponsor a company visit or industry tour for our WIBA student membership that will provide a glimpse into company culture or the diverse roles that exist in your industry. This type of signature experience can be a pivotal point in this decision-making process for a student.

Become a WIBA Corporate Sponsor or Partner

Each semester the Women in Business Association coordinates events and philanthropy projects for their student membership that provide an opportunity to network with prominent women in the local business community and engage and give back to local non-profit organizations that support women and girls. Does your company have a similar mission? WIBA welcomes sponsorship and partnership with your company as we work together to support and advance women’s and girls’ empowerment.

Women in Business Association First Bank event

Offer Expertise in Inclusion and Cultural Competency

WIBA aspires to be an inclusive organization that not only welcomes students of all gender identities, but also honors and affirms them. With an increasing demand for global and cultural competencies, both in and outside of the workplace, we have some learning to do. If you have expertise to share with us on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion that foster awareness, growth, advocacy, and activism for systemic organizational change, we want to connect with you.

WIBA Fall Speaker event

Sponsor Professional Development or a WIBA Scholarship

WIBA has student members of all socio-economic backgrounds with various levels of access to opportunities. To elevate the access of education, professional development opportunities, and industry contacts for all our members, there are opportunities to fund an academic scholarship or sponsor attendance to a national or regional women’s leadership conference for one or more of our students. Support like this can make all the difference in the ability to realize the career goals of many of our students.

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The Women in Business Association (WIBA) would like to connect with you about your interest and involvement with WIBA. Our WIBA leadership team can be reached by filling out the contact form below.

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