Our Online MBA program is ranked #1 in Colorado
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Our reputation precedes us — and that’s a good thing. At the College of Business, we believe in the idea of “business for a better world.” We prepare and inspire our students to become leaders in their organizations who make a difference.

Our faculty conduct research that’s helping solve the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. Our students collaborate with academic advisors, virtual classroom support, and the Career Management Center to achieve their personal and professional goals. For all these reasons and more, we continually earn the highest accreditations awarded to graduate business programs and we’re the top ranked online MBA program in Colorado.

Employers recognize the rigor and relevance of an MBA from Colorado State University and when they see a CSU College of Business MBA on your resume, they see more than just your strong suite of business skills, remarkable drive and determination. They see your commitment to using business to make a positive impact.

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Colorado State University: A History of Business Leadership

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We didn’t earn a reputation for excellence overnight. The CSU College of Business is part of a prestigious university system and a 150-year legacy.

Colorado State University was founded as a land-grant university, a concept created in the mid-1800s to make quality public education accessible to working-class people. Education transforms communities socially and economically, and we’re proud to be a steady, driving force for research, learning, diversity and inclusion.

Today, in the College of Business, our land-grant experience manifests in meaningful ways.

  • Inclusion, Diversity and Opportunity — Diverse backgrounds and experiences deepen the learning experience and add value to our MBA. Our program is accessible to anyone with the motivation and ability to earn a challenging degree.
  • Research that Transforms Our World — As a leading research university, CSU’s scholarship advances the quality of life for people around the world. Faculty and students solve problems and expand our understanding of the world.
  • Rising to Meet New Challenges — We take seriously our responsibility to deliver pragmatic, meaningful and transformational educational experiences and to prepare the next generation of business leaders.
  • A Constant Pursuit of Excellence — We set high standards and aim for excellence, always. At CSU, students gain the skills and knowledge they need to fuel professional success, make meaningful contributions in business and their communities and lead rewarding careers and lives.

Living CSU History

CSU is a leader in public education, and we imbue our spirit of innovation and leadership into every program. As a College of Business Online MBA student, you experience that through:

  • Cross-disciplinary learning that enables you to explore every facet of business and gain a comprehensive view of organizations and their challenges.
  • Exposure to a vast spectrum of experienced faculty and interdepartmental resources.
  • A network of peers with diverse backgrounds and experiences to help broaden your perspective.
  • Practical applications for everything you learn, much of which you can immediately use.
  • Dynamic new educational technology that connects you with students and faculty from around the world.

Online MBA Graduate, Matt Porter
“The degree was the same as what the students on campus received, so that’s what drew me to it."

— Matt Porter, Online MBA Graduate, Read his story

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Best of the Best: How a CSU MBA Ranks Among Online MBA Programs

External MBA rankings organizations recognize CSU College of Business Online MBA as a leader. We recently earned:

  • No. 1 Online MBA in Colorado for six consecutive years (2022 U.S. News & World Report)
  • No. 9 Online MBA nationwide (2021 Quacquarelli Symonds)
  • No. 16 Online MBA worldwide for employability (2022 Quacquarelli Symonds)
  • No. 21 Online MBA for veterans (2023 U.S. News & World Report)
  • No. 23 Online MBA worldwide (2021 QS Quacquarelli Symonds)

How Does the MBA From CSU’s College of Business Earn Rankings?

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Each third-party evaluation is based on unique criteria, ranging from graduation rates and surveys to gather alumni salary increases to how frequently faculty are published in research publications. Ranking institutions are impressed by the College of Business’s:

  • Faculty — Online MBA classes are designed and taught by the same expert, full-time faculty who lead our on-campus courses. Faculty enhance the material with relevant professional experiences and active research.
  • Curriculum — Our curriculum is structured to help you master the five competencies of innovationfinancialleadershipdata analytics and using business for a better world. Twelve graduate certificate options complement core curriculum and encourage students to expand their understanding of critical business functions while developing their skills. Students graduate with a holistic view of business, immediately applicable skills and greater confidence.
  • Class Experience — CSU’s College of Business online content delivery model captures lectures to give online students an engaging class experience beyond scrolling through PowerPoints. In other words, our Online MBA students watch professionally produced recordings of live faculty lectures. Online students view and learn the exact same content as their on-campus peers and benefit from hearing in-class dialogue and questions.
  • Instructional Support — Instructional Coordinators support every class, so online students have a live person they can connect with throughout their virtual learning experience. Instructional Coordinators complement faculty interactions by adding their own valuable professional experiences and expert knowledge of the course content.
  • Career Services — With the College of Business at CSU, Online MBA students receive the same student services as on-campus students, including Career Services. The Career Management Center serves CSU College of Business students and alumni by helping them find and prepare for rewarding positions to apply their new skills. 
  • Tuition discounts — CSU’s College of Business has corporate partnerships that can help lower the cost of tuition in online programs like the Online MBA. We also offer a tuition discount for military service members, veterans and their dependents on our online courses.

How Do Online MBA Rankings Affect the Student Experience?

Why do rankings matter? The credentials, program features and policies that earn us awards directly affect—and improve—the student experience and student outcomes.

  • No GMAT/GRE — Your abilities aren’t measured by a test score. We recognize your life and professional experiences have helped shape your insights and deepened your viewpoints on the needs of organizations today. A standardized test score isn’t reflective of your commitment to succeed in your Online MBA degree. We respect your time and our program does not require GMAT or GRE scores to apply, so you can focus on other components of the admissions process. Contact our enrollment counselors today to get started.
  • Multiple start dates — We offer five start dates each calendar year – January, March, May, August and October. When the time is right, we want you to start your MBA right away.
  • Control over your schedule — At CSU, you have more say in your graduation roadmap. Online MBA students can complete the degree requirements full-time in 21 months or take up to 5 years. If life circumstances change and you need to speed up or spread out your class or financial commitments, you have the power to do so.
  • Ease of access — MBA courses are challenging. Getting to the material shouldn’t be. Online MBA students can access lectures wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. Some students stream live broadcasts of faculty lectures twice a week, while others choose to download the recordings and transcripts in step with class assignments, but without a set class time. Every lecture is produced in 20-minute video segments, so it is easier to access and consume.
  • Exclusively online — Our Online MBA program doesn’t come with a list of exceptions. The curriculum is delivered 100% online, and so are the support services available to you such as advising and career management. Even our orientation is virtual. You are always welcome to visit our beautiful CSU campus, but never have to set foot on campus. You can complete your degree from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop.
  • Strong Community — Just because you study online doesn’t mean you study alone. In CSU’s Online MBA, you connect regularly with peers, advisors and Instructional Coordinators. The retention rate is 8% higher than the national average for Online MBA programs because of our strong support systems. Upon graduating with your MBA, you'll join a growing network of more than 35,000 College of Business alumni.

Keep these features in mind when you consider what makes a top online MBA program and contact an Online MBA enrollment counsellor today to learn more.

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Best in Class: How We Deliver the Best Online MBA Experience

The Online MBA lecture capture system

We are obsessed with innovation and incorporating new technology to help us improve what, when and how widely we can offer our AACSB accredited curriculum.

The College of Business pioneered distance learning in the 1970s by mailing class materials to students. Today, our teaching innovations are more high-tech, but the essence is the same: We want to make education accessible and engaging for adult students, wherever and whenever they choose to learn.

Our on-campus classrooms are equipped with multiple high-definition cameras. We professionally record faculty lectures so online students view and experience the same lecture as students who complete the program on campus.

Same Content, More Features

Online MBA students get to experience teacher-student interactions and benefit from live discussions at the times that work best for them. Students can virtually attend live broadcasts of on-campus classes or they can download the lectures later. With this delivery model:

  • Class materials can be accessed anywhere, anytime day or night, and from any device that’s connected to the internet.
  • Lecture recordings are broken down into 20-minute video segments that are easier to fit into a busy day.
  • Closed-captioning is available to support a range of learning styles and abilities.
  • The class materials include transcripts that are searchable and scannable, which is helpful when completing assignments or studying.
  • Instructional Coordinators are available to respond to questions about the content via email.
  • Technical support is available during live class broadcasts for any student who has trouble with the technology.

Professionally Produced Classes

Our faculty are world-class experts in their fields. We make sure their messages come through loud and clear every time you log into or download a class.

Our team validates the quality of recordings before they’re released to students. The high-definition recordings are also transcribed, closed captioned and edited to ensure a seamless delivery.

Behind the scenes, a team of skilled professionals manages the videography and provides technical support. That way, our faculty can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning. If you run into trouble, help is just an email away. Reach out to an admissions counselor to learn more about our content delivery models.

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What Do You Consider the “Best” Online MBA Program?

A business student stands near a bicycle

Each person has their own criteria for picking a graduate program. Exploring rankings can help you define which factors and features are important to you. Then, you can consider the real meaning behind those numbers.

  • Our faculty do more than teach from the textbooks. They bring professional experiences and active research projects into their lessons to deepen your understanding of the material.
  • The curriculum is designed to be directly applicable to your work. Students who listen to lectures in the evening say they can put the concepts into practice the very next day at work.
  • Once you become a Ram, you’re a Ram for life. A network of faculty, instructional staff, advisors and peers welcomes you into the community and supports your journey.

When you choose a top-ranked online MBA program, you get more than just a credential. You get a life-changing learning experience and a lifetime support network.

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The Online MBA experience at the College of Business offers you the flexibility you need to prioritize both your education and your career. Learn new skills, collaborate with thought leaders and build a lasting network of contacts.

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Businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to put their data to use. This specialzation helps you develop the skills to make data-driven decisions for your business, and enjoys all of the benefits of our core Online MBA.

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