The Center for Marketing and Social Issues is dedicated to advancing marketing's societal contributions and producing valued, respected research that makes a difference.  Topics addressed most recently include:

  • Data Privacy
  • Policy implications of the legalization of recreational marijuana
  • Life satisfaction and consumption in base of the pyramid markets
  • Deviant consumption 
  • Use of social marketing to reduce harmful consumption behaviors
  • Resale price maintenance
  • Poverty and promoting poverty alleviation 
  • Consumer processing of food labels

Recent Publications

Are Cigarette Smokers’ E-Cigarette Users’, and Dual-Users’ Health Risk Beliefs and Responses to Advertising Influenced by Addiction Warnings and Product Type?
Nicotine & Tobacco Research
Berry, Christopher, Burton, Scot and Elizabeth Howlett

Broadening the Paradigm of Marketing as Exchange: Reflections from the Field and Insights Moving Forward
AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, San Antonio, Texas
Martin, Kelly D.

Cultural adaptation of the Be Under Your Own Influence media campaign for middle-school American Indian youth
Journal of Health Communication
Stanley, Linda, Kelly, Kathleen, Swaim, Randall

Data privacy: Effects of Customer and Firm Performance
Journal of Marketing
Martin, Kelly D., Abhishek Borah, and Robert W. Palmatier

Fuel for Fun: A cluster-randomized controlled study of cooking skills, eating behaviors, and physical activity of 4th graders and their families
BMC Public Health
Cunningham-Sabo, L., Lohse, L., Smith, S., Browning, R., Strutz, E., Nigg, C., Balgopal, M., Kelly, K., Ruder, E.

Healthy-left, unhealthy-right: can displaying healthy items to the left (versus right) of unhealthy items nudge healthier choices?
Journal of Consumer Research
Romero, M., & Biswas, D.

Kids, Cartoon, and Cookies: Behavioral Priming Effects on Children’s Food Consumption
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Campbell, Margaret C., Kenneth C. Manning, Bridget Leonard, and Hannah M. Manning

Photovoice: Capturing American Indian Youths' Dietary Perceptions and Sharing Behavior-Changing Implications
Social Marketing Quarterly
Kelly, Kathleen J.

Saving and Well-Being at the Bottom of the Pyramid Implications for Transformative Financial Services
Journal of Service Research
Martin, Kelly D. and Ronal Paul Hill

The Crunch Effect: The Role of Intrinsic Auditory Sound on Food Consumption Quantity
Food Quality and Preference
Elder, Ryan and Gina S. Mohr

The Effects of Voluntary versus Mandatory Menu Calorie Labeling on Consumers' Retailer-Related Responses
Journal of Retailing
Berry, Chris

The Role of Data Privacy in Marketing
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Martin, Kelly D. and Patrick E. Murphy

Transforming Poverty-Related Policy with Intersectionality
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Canan Corus, Bige Saatcioglu, Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Christopher P. Blocker, Shikha Upadhyaya, and Samuelson Appau

Understanding Poverty and Promoting Poverty Alleviation through Transformative Consumer Research
Journal of Business Research
Blocker, C. P., Ruth, J.A. Sridharan, S. et al.

Understanding the Calorie Labeling Paradox in Chain Restaurants: Why Menu Calorie Labeling Alone May Not Affect Average Calories Ordered
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Berry, Chris. Burton, Scot, Howlett, Elizabeth and Christopher Newman

When Zero is Greater Than One: Consumer Misinterpretations of Nutrition Labels
Health Psychology
Mohr, G. and Graham, D.

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