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Work alongside business professionals and gain insights into the beverage industry

The beverage industry is always changing. If one thing remains constant, it's that there's always something new to learn. The Beverage Business Institute has created a series of courses designed to address some of the greatest challenges and topics of interest in the industry. Shaped by College of Business faculty, guided by industry professionals and applied by your peers, these courses are designed to be accessible to everyone in the industry.

We are excited to offer a variety of courses throughout the year. Every course is delivered in three parts, each of which introduce new concepts, new connections and opportunities for discussion. You'll begin your course with a two-day Executive Education class that presents the course’s core ideas. Through a video presentation exclusive to BBI students, you'll hear how industry professionals apply these ideas in their business. Finally, you'll meet with a variety of industry leaders in an engaging interactive video panel.

For those interested in getting more out of their BBI experience, we also offer a Beverage Business & Leadership Certificate.

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BBI Courses


The principles of effective leadership can be applied to every level of your business. Connect with notable leaders in the beverage industry and learn from College of Business faculty in this course focused on leading your business.

Team Dynamics 

Developing and empowering a high performing team takes confident leadership. During this course, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of team dynamics, role assignments and effective leadership, as well as ways to better utilize your team's unique behavioral styles.